three minute blog

I was making myself a three-minute egg for breakfast one morning and I came to a startling revelation; the word “egg” sounds very similar to word “blog.” And, considering how tasty three-minute eggs are, I decided I would try my hand at writing a Three-Minute Blog . Surely a Three-Minute Blog entry would be equally as tasty and nutritious!

"What, exactly, is a Three-Minute Blog ?" you ask. The simple answer is that it is a post that takes exactly three minutes to write. No more. No less.

You start writing about anything that might pop into your head, and when the three-minute time limit is up you have to stop. Even if you haven’t finished your sentence, or if you get caught in the middle of a really funny joke without a punch line, you are done. Then you post it up, warts (spelling, grammatical, and factual errors) and all, for the world to see.

So, if you are going to try your hand at a Three-Minute Blogs, you should send me a note and I’ll link you up; which should be reason enough for you to want to try out this creative new art form.

The Official Three-Minute Blog Timer


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