There's always some evil mothers who'll tell you that life is just to die

by anna at 06:29 PM on September 29, 2004

Here's some misnomers that have been eating at me lately:
Significant Others: As a term of endearment this just doesn't measure up. "Oh! Oh! Give it to me hard, my significant other. The size of your penis is so.... appreciable. See also: Domestic partner, which sounds like an attorney specializing in family law.

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he really wanted to believe that people had traveled to the moon in that crazy rocket

by mg at 07:21 AM on September 29, 2004

Last night I watched the first part of a new series on PBS called “Origins.” I like PBS because it makes me fell smart without having to read. I can read, obviously, I just don’t like to. Watching PBS lets me feel superior to the people watching Trading Spouses without necessarily doing any more work than they are.

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my cat is purring and scratches my skin so what is wrong with another sin

by mg at 07:26 AM on September 28, 2004

With "Hurricane Jeanne" downgraded to "Slightly Overcast with a 60% Chance of Rain Jeanne" and now meandering her way up the Atlantic Seaboard, the people of Florida can finally breathe a sigh of relief. That would probably sound (or look) something like this: “Ahhhhhhhhhh” only slightly moister.

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I came in from the wilderness, a creature void of form

by anna at 07:32 PM on September 27, 2004

I strolled into Barnes and Noble today intent on buying a book. I'm not averse to shelling out serious money for a newly released hardcover if it's something I'm interested in. To me a decent book is really your best bang for the entertainment buck.

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No, it ain't pretty (or easy) being me

by northstar at 08:53 PM on September 25, 2004

I know; you think it's easy being me. Sure, you think...all I do is sit here in my underwear spewing forth with unassailable brilliance on matters from the political to the prosaic. Let me tell you, though, it ain't nearly as simple as y'all might think. Sometimes though, I have to blow off some steam. I'm pretty easygoing (just ask She Who Endures My Myriad Eccentricities), but I have my limits, just like anyone else.

Consider yourself warned, then. Time for me to take another mental dump...proceed at your own peril.

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It's just one more thing to consider

by anna at 09:04 AM on September 25, 2004

Here's some food for thought, if not fodder for discussion: Whatever you might think about the war over in Iraq, the US's 2003 invasion of this sovereign (what does that word mean again, George W?) nation was the first such foray since 1972. In that case cowed US forces fled Saigon and soon thereafter North Vietnam conquered South Vietnam, which ceased to exist. Before that you have to go back to the early 50s, when North Korea attempted to take over South Korea only to be repelled by UN forces led by---you guessed it---US forces. Before that you must go back to the late 30s/early 40s when Nazi Germany was busily overrunning its neighbors including Poland and the cheese-eating surrender monkeys of France.

And how about this: When US forces came to save the day in 1941, we weren't the superpower we are today. In fact, our military spending lagged behind that of freaking Portugal! My how things have changed. My how much they stay the same.

Now could somebody please 'splain to me why I'm paying $2 a gallon for gas when we control the vast oil fields of Texas, Louisiana, Alaska and American Iraq (2nd largest in the world)? I'm just asking.

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I'm not talking about the linens

by anna at 06:27 PM on September 23, 2004

This post has been modified to fit your screen.

The FCC's puritanical crackdown mustn't be working. I heard the following quiz on the radio today. (Gay readers should pretend they're of the opposite gender.)

1 Have/Haven't used a sex tip from Cosmo.
2 Like rich or struggling artiste types.
3 Face or body.
4 Wear/Don't wear scarves to cover up hickeys.
5 On belly or boobs.
6 Talk dirty or moan softly.
7 Spit or swallow.
8 Been/Haven't been date raped.
9 Prefer top or bottom.
10 Rather give/get.

1 Have/Haven't peeked at Cosmo sex tips.
2 Trashy or glamorous.
3 Tits or ass.
4 Wear/Don't wear turtlenecks to cover up hickeys.
5 Leave it on belly or boobs.
6 Talk dirty or moan softly.
7 Prefer he/she spit or swallow.
8 Been/Haven't been date raped.
9 Prefer top or bottom
10 Rather give/get.

So. What say ye?

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Bright orb, if with my plight you sympathize

by jean at 01:54 AM on September 22, 2004

The air is dry as a bone here in L.A., one sign that summer is over. I am glad, as the last several weeks of hundred-degree heat have gotten tiresome. Now, it's only about 85, and people are perspiring not because it's hot, but because it's dry. When it was hot, it was so hot that even Australians were complaining about the weather. "It's oppressive, really," said one. Now, when an Aussie says it's oppressively hot, it must darn well be very hot.

Another marker of the seasons is the approach of the Harvest Moon Festival. This is a big holiday in Chinese culture. It falls on the 15th day of the eighth month of each lunar year, which has the brightest full moon of the year. This year, it's the 28th. How do you celebrate the Harvest Moon Festival, you ask?

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Sitting there by the fire, radio just plays

by anna at 06:47 PM on September 20, 2004

I can feel it in my bones. I'm gonna spend my whole life alone. It's fuck and run. -Liz Phair, from her classic Fuck and Run.

We all seek some sense of belonging. No man is an island or so they say. But that doesn't mean we all do feel a part of things. Increasingly more and more folks feel alienated by or even estranged from the human race. I fall into this misanthropic category.

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I just found out there’s no such thing as the real world.

by snaggle at 04:03 PM on September 19, 2004

The first week of my foray into the “real world” is over. I feel like a newborn again (not that I really recall what it felt like to be a newborn, but you get the idea.) For twelve years and then another six, I was sheltered in the womb of Mother School, blissfully ignorant of the outside world, unprepared for the shock that I would get when ejected from my warm, comfortable, sheltered life and thrust, unprepared and naked, into the cold, cruel world. Maybe newborns know this and that’s why they promptly bawl their lungs out.

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All in the Family

by anna at 09:42 AM on September 18, 2004

Here in Washington there are two newspapers, the Post and the lesser-known Times, owned by the Moonies. We subscribe to the Post. I skim it in the morning. At lunch I like to read the more conservative Times. It's interesting to see the none too subtle differences in phrasing. The Times often uses the term "Islamofascist" while the Post never does. The Times calls people "terrorists" while the Post often inserts "accused" or "alleged." The Times always puts quotation marks thusly: gay "marriage."

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Ask a fish head anything you want to...

by jean at 10:26 PM on September 16, 2004

Chris mentioned in a comment a while back how people seem to be reassured, instead of disgusted, by the world-wide availability of reliably sub-par food from international franchises like McDonald's. It got me to thinking about times when I'd eaten fast food in other countries.

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All this machinery making modern music can still be open-hearted

by anna at 07:28 PM on September 16, 2004

I am totally torn. I've heard about this mega-concert downtown. It's called Rock for Change or some such pretentious thing. Tickets go on sale Saturday. Decent ones will cost $78 apiece.

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We spotted the ocean, from the head of the trail

by ezy at 03:07 PM on September 16, 2004

Well, Amy and I have made it. This coming weekend is when we were going to have a wedding, until we decided eloping was the way to go. That means we get to take a small honeymoon until we can set up the big one to Ireland. So, we’ll be heading to the Outer Banks, in NC, for a week of sex, sex, and more sex! Wait, I’m sure there will be more than just sex going on (eating maybe?) but I am a guy and that’s what I do; I think about sex. The only thing that has me just a bit worried is the barrage of hurricanes and other tropical storms assaulting the US. What the hell is going on? Is the end coming and I didn’t get the memo? Did Dubya piss God off trying to conquer the world? Does this seem like more inclement weather than we've had in recent years or is it just me? All valid questions I think. Questions aside, I am a bit worried that this crap is going to ruin the first vacation I have had in seven years and it just happens to be part of my honeymoon. I know, wah wah, cry me a river. There are people getting their homes wiped from the face of the earth and others losing their lives but damn, I want a vacation. When Amy and I planned this outing “hurricane season” never crossed our minds. Maybe that’s because we don’t have to brave too many of them this far inland. I’m not too worried about Ivan. That one’s path looks to be heading through Tennessee, Western Virginia and such but Jeanne is another story altogether. The projected path of this vacation killer puts it right off the Atlantic coast of Florida by Tuesday. That’s usually a bad omen for the coast of the Carolinas. Oh well, we have a three level beach house on stilts and if the bastard comes calling then it might run into hurricane Rob. My projected path will be from the hot tub to the master bedroom skirting the coast of the refrigerator. I’ll probably be a category five by the time I make landfall on Amy’s southern coast. Wheeeeeeeee!!!

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my words are not so clear, but there's romance in the air

by mg at 11:33 PM on September 15, 2004

A while back I suggested the start of a Bad Samaritan CD Exchange. People seemed to really like the idea. And then I asked them to do something about it, and only the hard core bothered showing up.

Well, the exchange is now in its fourth month. There are 15 lovely people involved, and so far I’ve received 6 CDs full of almost totally new-to-me music. These CDs have all been great. In fact, each time I get a new one I think, “This is the best mix CD I have ever heard, nothing could be better.” And then, a couple weeks later a new CD shows up in the mail and I think, “No, this is the best mix CD I have ever heard. Those ones I got last month were crap. How could I ever have liked them?”

My turn is coming up in November October, and I already have my idea for the theme – “Man vs. Machine.” That, or “Piano Rock.” Or maybe “Story Songs” (like the infomercial). Either way, my mix CD is going to blow the crap out of all the mix CDs that have ever been made before. This mix CD I’m putting together will stand so far above the rest, that this CD exchange is going to end afterwards, because no one believes they could ever match up, so why bother trying?

So, if you want to join up on this thing before it all falls to crap, send me an email. The way things stand now the most you’d have to do is one CD every 8 months, and send it to a dozen or so people. I’ve got a three-month old child and I still manage to find time to work on this mix CD (mainly because I don’t help around the house or change diapers), so you should have no trouble finding time in your sad little life for working on this.

Email me if you are interested in participating. You know how to email, don’t you? Just put your lips together and blow. Oh, wait, that’s something else.

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As we seek so shall we find

by anna at 07:30 PM on September 14, 2004

Choose one:

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It's the most wonderful time of the year

by anna at 06:47 PM on September 13, 2004

I love Fall. It is soccer season, which means our Saturdays are consumed by first my son's game and then mine. Neither of us possess great skills but we play a physically intimidating game. It is fun. Come Sunday I settle down in front of the TV to indulge in my other obsession: football. Not just any football, Redskins football. I couldn't care less about any other teams. Not just any Redskins football, physical smash-mouth Joe Gibbs-coached football. Not the prissy, finesse-laden ball favored by the Rams or Gibbs' lame predecessor Steve Spurrier. We're talking Riggo Drill, the infamous Body Bag Game against Philly and such. And now he is back. Hallelujah. I've waited long for this day and now it has come. I wasn't disappointed as the 'Skins eked out a 16-10 victory long on muscle and short on trickery.

Today I get up and divide the paper between me and my wife. She gets Style and Metro and I get the rest. I disappear into my smelly lair. I read columnists waxing rhapsodic about the Return of the King, the good old days redux. Smash-mouth football. I feel good. Then I pick up the front page and learn about this.

Now admittedly, this is a Gibbsesque, violent, smash-mouth approach to a grisly wartime situation. Yet this is no game. It is difficult to imagine how those helicopter gunmen felt at the time they openned fire on the revelers or looters (depending on which account you read.) Somewhere in the online netherworld is a grainy video of the attack shot by one of its victims, a reporter doing his job. I bet it's uninformative about whether the revelers/looters were really dancing or systematically dismantling the Bradly Fighting Vehicle for future use against American troops. And who knows if they were truly "civilians" or not. That line has grown so blurry that it is almost meaningless.

But a couple things are for sure: 1) Maybe this was a time for some Rams-style finesse. Get on the loudspeaker, warn people to move away before firing Hellfire missiles in their directions. Freaking cameras were rolling, for Christ's sake. 2) WE NEED TO GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM THE MIDDLE EAST FOREVER. Even if you buy that we're there to help people, dude, they obviously aren't buying into it. Some might, but enough don't that a thousand of our citizens are dead for trying to help out a bunch of ingrates or perhaps, even something more sinister still. Sometimes shit just doesn't work out. Face facts. Move on.

As Bruce Springsteen once sang, "It's a town full of losers, we're pulling out of here to win." And the key word is, forever, as in never to return. Nothing good has come of our meddling there and what's more, nothing ever will. Let those boys 'n girls come home, brew up some chili, sear some hot wings, ice down some beers and watch the 'Skins roll to their 5th Super Bowl.

Or else deploy them elsewhere to hunt down Osama and Doc Zawahiri and force-feed him his own nuts; seared to a crisp with a generous dousing of hot sauce, like the wings. Isn't that why we were ever in that hellhole in the first place? Or did I miss something?

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site update

by mg at 10:47 PM on September 12, 2004

There have been some issues with the site recently, but everything should be smooth sailing from here on out. You may now return to your regularly scheduled weblog.

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Can the punishment fit the crime?

by northstar at 01:12 PM on September 12, 2004

Alleged U.S. Deserter Jenkins Surrenders

How long does a man remain a traitor to his country? How long should that country wait to punish him? Does time ease the despicable nature of betrayal? These are all questions that the case of US Army deserter SGT Charles Jenkins will force us to confront. How long IS long enough? Is there (or should there be) a statute of limitations on treason?

CAMP ZAMA, Japan -- Saluting and standing at attention, accused U.S. Army deserter Charles Jenkins surrendered to U.S. military authorities Saturday to face charges that he left his army unit in 1965 and defected to North Korea.

Jenkins, 64, turned himself in at the U.S. Army's Camp Zama accompanied by his Japanese wife and two daughters....

"Sir, I'm Sergeant Jenkins and I'm reporting," Jenkins declared as he met the provost marshal, Lt. Col. Paul Nigara, after arriving in a minivan from his Tokyo hospital.

"You are now under the control of the U.S. Army," Nigara told him in response before escorting Jenkins into a base building.

Jenkins is charged with abandoning his unit and defecting to the North, where he lived for 39 years. He faces a maximum sentence of life in prison if convicted. While in the reclusive communist state, he made propaganda broadcasts and played devilish Americans in anti-U.S. films.

I must admit to having some decidedly mixed feelings in this case. Yes, Jenkins betrayed his country, but this happened 39 years ago. Now Jenkins is a sick old man who is a threat to no one but himself. He is the one who has to look himself in the mirror and come to some sort of peace with his actions.

There are those who would say that living in North Korea for 39 years (not exactly the lap of luxury) has been punishment enough. Realistically, the US Army may not be able to seriously argue that Jenkins' defection and subsequent actions on behalf of the North Korean regime placed any American soldiers at risk. Of course, it is entirely possible that Jenkins' actions did exactly that. Thirty-nine years later, though, would (or should) a civilized nation execute a traitor such as Jenkins?

There is little doubt that SGT Charles Jenkins was and is a deserter and a traitor- and as such deserves to be punished under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Jenkins did provide aid and comfort to the enemy. Does (or should) the fact that his desertion happened 39 years ago be viewed as a mitigating factor? Is there a statute of limitations that a compassionate and humane country and it's army should respect? I'm not certain that I can answer those questions, but part of me thinks that, having spent 39 years in North Korea, perhaps Charles Jenkins has already been punished.

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with one eye on the missiles, and one on the obituaries

by mg at 11:09 AM on September 11, 2004

Today marks three years since the September 11th attacks.

In many ways it feels as if a lifetime has passed since that day. There have been two wars fought. The USA PATRIOT Act has infringed (?) on our freedoms. We are in the middle of a contentious presidential election. Three times as many Americans, English, Afghanis, Iraqis, and others have died since. The plans have been announced for the rebuilding of the Twin Towers.

Yet, whenever I see footage of the Twin Towers falling, it still hits me like the very first time. We’ve lived with the knowledge of these painful, unnecessary deaths for more than a thousand days, yet it still makes no sense, and hopefully never will. This morning, they are reading the names of each of those killed in the towers, the Pentagon, and the four downed airlines. I can’t watch.

September 11 has been officially dubbed as “Patriot Day” in the United States.

I don’t know about you, but patriotism, and that differencing of others based on really meaningless classifications (religion, sexuality, nationality) is exactly the reason why someone would hate so much they’d be willing to kill others, and themselves.

The idiots who strap bombs to little children and blow up busses in Tel Aviv are “patriots.”

The idiots who want to Nuke the Middle East and “turn it to glass” are “patriots.”

The 19 hijackers were “patriots.”

The hundreds of police, firemen, and emergency officers who rushed into the Towers were not patriots.

They were individuals doing whatever they could to help others. They weren’t Americans helping Americans; they were people helping people.

The 2,749 who died in the Twin Towers were not patriots either.

They were just innocent victims, people going about their lives. The only injustices they’d been involved in were the same ones we all commit: forgetting to call their mom, cutting off someone in traffic, taking a penny, but not leaving a penny. A lot of them weren’t even Americans, and had nothing more in common with each other than dieing together as 110 floors collapsed in upon themselves.

Not that anyone reading this has any say in the matter, but for me September 11th will never be “Patriot Day.” This day shouldn’t be about patriotism. It should be about cherishing innocence, and doing all we can to protect it. There is no way to end hatred, but today of all days, shouldn’t become another cause of it. Hate if you have to. Kill if it is absolutely necessary. Today, for me, will always be “Innocence Day,” in remembrance of those innocent victims who lost their life on September 11th 2001 and every day since. Today should be about preventing the loss of more innocent lives, and maybe trying to approach innocence ourselves.

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I wanna be sedated!

by anna at 07:26 PM on September 10, 2004

Part of my job is to convince disabled people to accept complicated settlement packages that usually involve vehicles like "Medicare set-aside accounts," annuities and such. Most of them are suspicious, preferring to leave things as they are i.e. with my company holding an enormous bag. The biggest item in the bag is prescriptions. OxyContin. Dope. Welcome to the new, even more futile "war on drugs."

Today I had a rare taker. I moved in for the kill with my spiel about how if you can ever figure out Medicare's supposed "prescription benefit for seniors" you'll be in like Flynn. The guy says he isn't worried about that. He figures he can stretch the $93,000 allowance I've given him for a lifetime of prescription i.e. dope needs. And all his other medical needs (less the 20% copay) will be covered by this "Medicare set-aside account." He'll be set. My company will be tickled pink to kick him off their rolls.

How does he plan to do this with the skyrocketing cost of medications? Well, he lives next to an old folks home. Every day he watches them hobble out with their walkers and their canes and their wheelchairs to wait for the charter bus. The bus to fritter away their life savings in Atlantic City? No. The bus to Canada, five hours away. Just over the border there are makeshift pharmacies stocked with all their favorite dope, er, medications.

My guy (age 42) figures he'll just join them on their monthly trek up north seeking affordable relief. Before his settlement, my company footed his $4000 a month prescription bill so what did he care? He sat there on his balcony watching the old people gather for what has to be an arduous journey, thinking, "I'm sure glad that isn't me."

Now he has the charter company's brochure and he is good to go. There's a complimentary all-U-can-eat buffet in Toronto or wherever it is. Is it just me or is there something drastically wrong with this picture?


and i walked away from everything i leaned on, only to find it's made of wood.

by lajoie at 08:37 PM on September 09, 2004

The best parts of me believe that I should take the briefest of moments to say hello to all and wish everyone a merry new school year. Or maybe that's just for me. It looks as if I'll be stealing MG & Snaggle's dueling roles of time-starved student.

My grandest apologies for falling off the face of the earth, though there’s another bluff to fall from in sight. Orientation starts next week. I'll get an ID card, a quick instructional on how to use the library, and probably at least one decent panic attack.

And so it is, after twelve days in a car and four balding tires, five thousand miles worse-for-wear, I have only one solid observation that I am comfortable in sharing: the east coast is goddamned H-O-T.

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I got the pistol so I'll keep the pesos and that seems fair

by anna at 06:59 PM on September 08, 2004

Let's meet the Jews or as they are sometimes affectionately known, The Tribe. Stuttering John once ambushed a celeb with this query, "Do you blame the Jews?" "Blame them for what," came the reply. Then the punchline: "For everything."

As with all effective comedy there's a grain of truth there. Some people do tend to blame Jews for all the world's myriad woes. There's tons of diseased minds out there, churning out crazed conspiracy theories that hold Jews responsible for running the world, Sept 11, greed and just about everything else. You can read all about it in The Protocols of Zion.

From Egypt to Morocco to Libya to Syria newspapers routinely spew blatantly anti-Semitic rants. But the confusing part comes when you consider that a Semite is simply an Arab. Most of these people are Arabs. Yet they are anti-Semitic. Go figure.

When America and all its allies except Israel attacked Iraq in 91, what did it do? Why, rained Scub missiles on Israel, what else? It's even stranger when you consider that Israel is the one military ally we could actually make more than symbolic use of. These guys rock when it comes to hand-to-hand combat.

Yet Jews are hardly the most hardy or athletic sorts. The book Great Jewish Athletes would be a thin book indeed. Israel just won its first gold medal for like, wind-surfing or something.

Some Jews are underhanded, devious, miserly double-dealers, just like their reputation. Some of them are very shrewd at business. Just as some Gentiles are underhanded, devious, shrewd and miserly. So what?

But they are defintely battle-proven warriors. 3-4 times Israel's neighbors have banded together and plotted to erase it from the face of the Earth. 3-4 times the combined Arab armies have been soundly defeated by Israel, humiliated in a matter of days and sent packing with their uncircumcised tails between their legs. Fact is, Israel is strong whilst Arab armies are weak. Arabs haven't won a war since staving off the marrauding Christian crusaders thousands of years ago. When Iraq and Iran fought throughout the 80s it ended in a standoff. The closest thing they have to a victory is Afghanistan repelling the Soviets and that was with CIA assistance and support. If they ever attacked Israel again, the result would be the same and they know it.

When you look at the ongoing dispute about Israel and its so-called "occupied territories," it's important to keep that historical perspective in mind. With the exception of one ill-fated excursion into Lebanon i.e Syria, they aren't the aggressor, they are the finisher. They were attacked by multiple nations time and again. And time and again they vanquished their foes on the battlefield and won the Golan Heights, Gaza Strip and West Bank fair and square. Thus those areas shall belong to them forevermore.

Most modern borders were drawn as a result of armed conflict. Just look at the US, for example. The Indian nations had it but they weren't strong enough to hold it, so we snatched it away from them and sent them away to "reservations" i.e hellholes to rot and die in. This is simply a stark reality. To the victor goes the spoils. If you want to hold onto your territory then fight harder.

Why then do we hear all this hoo-ha about the "occupied territories" or the fence Israel is building in its own land as any government might fence in a potentially virulent nuclear reactor. Why is there a double standard when it comes to them? Because they are Jews?

Yes. Sniveling, hand-wringing types blame them for all the problems they've created for themselves. But why? What's it about them? And should they be allowed to keep their battlefield spoils?

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strolling with the one girl sighing sigh after sigh

by mg at 09:01 PM on September 06, 2004

Living for a number of years – okay, my entire life – without having any significant responsibility makes it all the much more difficult when, all of a sudden you’ve got all these people relying on you to take care of them.

As you know, I’m recently married. I’ve been even more recently childed. Over the past year that we’ve been married the wife has been taking care of me. She was making those big New York City teacher dollars, bringing home the turkey bacon, and many mornings, frying it too. At the same time she was sitting backwards on chairs trying to make inner city kids care about learning (to the strains of Coolio), I was usually “studying” or “doing research.”

I’m not saying school was easy, but it isn’t work (as that poor sap Snaggle will soon be learning). While I was in school I stayed in my pajamas for entire days; and I sleep naked.

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Home Sweet LA

by snaggle at 08:59 PM on September 04, 2004

After much driving (26 hours straight through, actually, not including the first leg to Kansas) I am here in Los Angeles. Sunshine, palm trees, and... too much. I'm all veklempt. More later.

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Things just go from bad to worse

by anna at 09:26 AM on September 04, 2004

Look, this is it. It is over. The world has gone absolutely, stark-raving mad. It is simply depraved.

First off, why can't they leave innocent children out of it? After all, the Koran specifically forbids this and these "separatists" cloak themselves in the mantle of Islam.

It has been an incredibly bad week for Russia. Two airliners downed, a suicide bomber in Moscow and now..... this. Can you imagine if these three events had occurred in the UK or, God help us, the US? Can you imagine the government's response?

But the thing that strikes me the most is how these things are treated as just another "overseas story" worthy of no more than passing interest. So long as it's Russians, no big deal for the Western media. Russian blood seems to be cheaper than matches. You read about how a million of their soldiers died in the siege of Stalingrad and it's just mind-numbing, not unbelievable. Do you know how a million corpses must smell?

Newscasts here openned with the story and then said, "And, in other news overseas..." Even in Russia, it wasn't the only story. Did anything other than the terrorist attacks take place on Sept 11 2001?

So now what? Does Vladimir Putin do to Chechnya what we did to the Taliban? Can you do that in your own country? Or does he let them have their own country and be done with it?

It really is difficult to come up with an apt punishment for people who would commit such an atrocity. Some quality time with Pfc Linz England? Having their genital lopped off and stuffed in their mouths as occurred in the safer, American Iraq recently? A Columbian necktie? What?

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