wish I could breathe life in my new friend who's terribly still

by mg at 11:08 PM on April 25, 2006

If you've been wondering where I've been the past month or so (hell, the past year), I have great news to share.

I started this site almost six years ago, long before it got fashionable to have a blog, so as you might have guessed I've always had some aspirations to be a writer. I've thought of myself as a writer, but something has always come up to stop me.

For the past six years, this site has even stopped me from writing, as weird as that may sound. I mean, why write the Great American novel when you can write some pithy fake news articles on a website that five people read?

As I'm getting older though, its really nagging that I haven't done much with my life (you know, besides having children - something really good). So, over the past half year or so I've really focused myself and gotten rid of distractions and excuses and just wrote. All that work to stop myself from doing other work has really paid off because I actually finished a script I've been thinking about for more than a decade.

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Say Anything

by anna at 06:17 PM on April 11, 2006

I have writer's block. And some dog inside my computer keeps going woof and then these pop-up things come in droves. I think it's called the Blackberry Virus. My son caused this problem but he can't (woof) fix it. So I can't shoulder (woof) the posting load here. Here's (woof) my challenge to you: Are (woof) you a writer here? Post something, anything, right now. Are you not a writer? Then post your post by adding a long comment to this one. C'mon everybody! Take one for the team.

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It doesn't mean that much to me to mean that much to you

by anna at 09:25 AM on April 09, 2006

1984, Brave New World and I, Robot all rolled into one, fully realized. Pogroms. Ethnic cleansing. Mass graves. Drive-by shootings. Age-old vendettas. Vigilante justice. Stoning. Fisting. Hate crimes. Date rape. Torture. Carjacking. Fatalism. Hot teachers defiling boys. The unspeakably offhand depravity of rich-playboy-turned-pious-bore Osama bin Laden and his sidekick Doc Zawahiri. Torrid Plus Sizes. Pre-teen blowjob artists. Anal virgins. A president who claims to be misunderestimated. Human trafficking. Data mining. Terrorists at every turn. Recreational genocide. Snipers picking off citizens at random. Hip-hop. Castration videos. Restless Legs Syndrome. Naked human pyramids. Anthrax. Rampaging pit bulls. Dick Chaney, armed and dangerous. Happy Slapping (smacking a random person around while transmitting cell phone images.) Ornamental lap dogs. The Emiril (throwing a handful of semen into someone’s face while yelling, “Bam!”) The annual Running of the Gays. Bumfights. Much-ballyhooed drugs and their revolting side-effects. This hubbub. That hullabaloo. Voodoo. Snuff films. Mexican America. American Iraq. Identity theft. Human cloning. Heroin chic. Forlorn Ted Williams hanging from a meat look. Enemy combatants thrown down a legal black hole. Predator drones. Rude Hellfire missiles slamming into living rooms. Roadside bombs. Road Rage. The Houston 500. Plague. Pestilence. Bird Flu Pandemic. SARS. HIV. HADD. HDTV. ACLU. O.J. on the loose. Online auto-fellatio clubs. Muslims and Christians at each other’s throats. Ancient Buddhist shrines no more. Taliban no more. Taliban back. Secret gulags. Heads a-rolling on the net. Al-Jazeera. All stark facts of “life” here in this 21st and final century AD---perhaps the direst point in all of human history. This is evolution? With this litany of social ills it seems more like we’re rats trapped on a sinking ship---or D-list celebs trapped in an endless episode of The Surreal Life. I’m reminded of that old Deanna Carter song For This I Shaved my Legs?. And one can’t help but ask: whatever became of all that heady hope and promise in the air on 12/31/00?

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True love is just one more thing to consider

by anna at 07:19 PM on April 04, 2006

When I met my wife I knew instantly she was the one for me. Problem was, she didn't seem too interested in me. At the time she was raising two young daughters in a tiny house. She'd taken a roommate to share expenses.

I figured the best thing would be to try and impress her with my wealth, or at least the wealth of my family and friends. Unless you're trying to hook up with a golddigger like Anna Nicole Smith this isn't such a great idea.

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