fair use

Recently, the New York Press voted political cartoonist Ted Rall the second most annoying person in New York City. They called him "just another self-righteous shitheel" and declared his "attempts at political commentary and liberal activism do more harm to the cause than any amount of conservative clampdown." I’d have been more than willing to let anything Rall had to say pass, not falling victim to his "self-created controversy."

Then I got an issue of Rolling Stone magazine (I get it free), with an article about political cartoonists. Now, I understand RS is hardly a bastion of even-handed journalism, but of the five artists featured in the article all were decidedly liberal. Are there really no conservative political cartoonists?

Bill Clinton, who apparently really needs a hobby, spoke earlier this year about the lack of liberal radio hosts, compared with the overwhelming success of the O’Reillys and Limbaughs. Do conservatives and hawks just get off on the aural more than the visual? If someone were to put together the same ideals in a 3, or 6-panel cartoon, would no one care enough to read it?

Well, I guess we’ll find out.

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