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The old equation for Internet success has always been tits = hits. But in these post 9-11 days all the old rules are out the window. Apparently, the future is a strange and mysterious place where people donít want to see pictures of naked nude preteen lesbians, but would rather read jokes or cartoons about Afghanistan and Osama bin Laden, see body parts from the World Trade Center, or play games that let you beat up terrorists.

So, in keeping with Bad Samaritanís long hit slutting tradition, Iíll cave in to peer pressure and give Google, Yahoo, and all the rest exactly what they want. But, since this is bad samaritan, not only will I give the people what they want, Iíll take it one step further.

I donít care what people are saying, tits still mean hits but, for the time being, Osama bin Laden means more hits. So, I thought, why not meld the two together? If Surreally is getting an extra 400 hits a day for people looking for Osama bin Laden jokes, how many hits will we get from people looking for preteen naked lesbian bin Ladens? That is why we are introducing the Naked Osama bin Laden Picture of the Day.

We will continue to post up nude pictures of Osama bin Laden every day until he is brought to justice. Or people get bored of it.

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