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That sucking sound you hear isn't NAFTA

by anna at 05:03 PM on March 10, 2007

This is really just a test to see what happens if I post now. But as long as I'm here... Oh to be a guest judge on American Idol before they booted Anatella Barga, or however her name is spelled: "My dear, you sure do open that big Italian mouth wide when you su-su-sung. Sing. I meant sing."

And speaking of sucking, I am vacuuming as we speak. Yes my robotic Roomba is zipping around the living room, sucking every last piece of dust from my carpet. It does a more thorough job than the excellent Panasonic upright I gushed about in my very first foray into blog posting. Mainly because no human would devote an hour to vacuuming two modest-sized rooms.

Man, those actual pix are harder to find than the Pam Anderson-Tommy Lee tryst or the Paris Hilton video. Then again maybe it's just me. Everyone else would grin knowingly when those came up on the net. But whenever I tried to take a gander I just wound up in this weird porn maze that threatened to shut my PC down.

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See it still works! But where did MG's post go? And where is that link that showed the recent posts? Have I done something wrong?

by anna at March 10, 2007 5:14 PM

Oh there is it is. Just had to hit refresh. But now that MG drove everyone away, nobody will see this. Wah!

by anna at March 10, 2007 5:16 PM

I see it, I just am still waiting for MG to send me my login info! Wordpress hates me. :P

by Jen X at March 11, 2007 10:52 AM

I dunno. It was just there in my cache and it "remembered me."

by anna at March 11, 2007 1:14 PM


Anna done broke Bad Sam!!!!

by Long Time Lurker at March 11, 2007 1:32 PM

Congrats on your PUBLISHING DEAL. Will Barnes and Nobles have autographed copies? WHEN IS THE RELEASE? it's going to be an EAST COAST HIT.

I had no idea what this NAFTA post was about. It was so disjointed, I feared you were going through a late phase of schizoid mentality, bordering on full blow schizophrenia.

I made sense out of the Robot Vaccuum Circle Thing. But Robots dehumanize according to STYX.

I was going to buy a cheap inflatable Robot that had tread wheels on remote control, and since you could inflate the robot, it would stand up about 3.5 feet, and I was going to get it for a Christmas present for someone, and then tell her to close here eyes and the Robot had a Tray, and I was going to put Two OREO cookies on the tray with a cup of MILK, and then drive it up to her and MIMIC a ROBOT voIce saying; 'Greetings, COokies and Milk, Earthling?' And then I thought, Robots aren't necessarily from OUTER SPACE, in fact, they would be more from EARTH, so I didn't get the RObot aftera ll.

by Lockheed at March 12, 2007 8:23 PM

Isn't that special!

Thanks for sharing Lock.

Can't understand why mg won't let you post.

by Long Time Lurker at March 13, 2007 10:09 AM

WTF? It has a common theme, a MOTIF. Things that suck. That Italian chick. My new robot.

And don't tell me you haven't gotten caught up in those porn mazes looking for vids that everyone on YouTube has already seen and forgotten.

by anna at March 13, 2007 5:51 PM

You forgot one thing that sucks..

Lockheeds posts!

THe evil porn pop ups!! I've been there!

by Long Time Lurker at March 14, 2007 2:45 PM

You know, I've tried to find cheap tease shit on Youtube, but all I get are some shitty footage of college aged girls dancing or kissing... Of course sometimes shit like that is more effective than professional porn, and vaguely voyeuristic....

Thanks LTL, for a moment there, I thought you and I were the same person. But we're totally not. Although we should have an NYC BADSAM getogether and everybody can meet up.

including LINZ and Effenheimer, and Chris, and that Redhead...and Snaggle, and, and, and, and, I can bring my daughter.

by LOCKHEED at March 15, 2007 11:18 PM

I thought the same thing reading this. Mustn't forget Pantera. Remember her, the stripper who posted?

by anna at March 17, 2007 12:48 PM

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