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I'm not aware of too many things...

by anna at 08:52 AM on March 24, 2007

I've learned that in Paris they are going to make thousands of bicycles available basically for free, so long as you return them within 1/2 hour. Based upon a similar venture in Lyon,the idea being to reduce pollution and noise and give residents a chance to work off some of that high-caloric food and wine they guzzle. Win-win as it were. Now if they could just figure out a way to make women shave their armpits and wear deodorant.

Behind all this is of course that damned global warming or as it is presently called "global climate change." (In case we enter a new "mini-Ice Age as my son predicts will happen any day now, bets are sufficiently hedged.) People just love to gab about the weather and how it is changing, some would say for the better. They see polar bears falling through the ice to a watery death and say, "See there! It's getting warmer alright. We're all gonna die."

Others say no. These changes are cyclical and blah blah blah the debate drags on. Much hand-wringing ensues. Nobody ever says, "Look, let's just stipulate that egghead scientists are right. Let's start taking some concrete steps to slow global warming, er, global climate change."

Like what? Well, there are millions and millions of gas-slurping, high-pollution SUVs in the USA. Not only that but they help keep us beholden to Arab radicals with their oil. Why does the average suburbanite need to drive one of these monstrosities every day? The answer is they don't. Every once in a while they will pack the family in there for a vacation with every household item they own. Other times it is their turn to haul the soccer team around. On even rarer occasions they might figure out how to activate the 4 wheel drive and actually take the goddamn thing off-road. Most of the time they are alone in there, stuck in trafffic, burning fuel and belching toxins into our air. They could be just as comfortable in a Cooper Mini.

So the government needs to buy up all the existing SUVs and ban future manufacture. If a citizen has a legit need for one as cited above, they can rent one at a subsidized low price. The rest of the time they can scoot around in their Cooper Minis. And if they really need to drive one on a daily basis they can apply for an exemption, wait ten years and be happy.

By then we'll all be dead anyway.

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hey why is this blog back? i thought it was gone for good? i guess i prematurely got my hopes up. oh well, i guess i'll have to put up with this for a little while longer, until the next time this blog gets shut down.

by eviltom at March 28, 2007 7:40 AM

SO true, WE'll be dead..... EVEN THOUGH I REMEMBER MEETING YOU IN PERSON IN THE YEAR 2070..... ANNA.... but let's cut to the chase....

I posted some masturbation excerpts on the previous post by JEN X

DO enjoy. THey are not "OFF THE HOOK' so to say.... therefore, they are 'REALISTIC.

by LOCKHEED at March 29, 2007 7:12 PM

hey why is eviltom back? i thought he was shut down for good.... i guess i'll have to put up with him for a little while longer.

And yes it appears this site lives on. But I will be unable to post unless someone emails me the URL for Movable Type/ Bad Sam. My cache was lost when my old computer up and died. I'm all Vista now!

by anna at March 30, 2007 6:54 AM

That's some DUMB shit you posted. If they could only get their women to shave their armpits and wear deodorant????? Well shit, you know, I'd take a healthy and shapely French woman with a little under-arm hair over a FAT and psychologically unstable and image overconscious AMERICAN woman ANY DAY OF THE WEEK/MONTH/YEAR.

Pretty ignorant pal. I hate to be on the defensive, but I couldn't help it. It's clear you haven't been out of your own limited and narrow country. Spend less time shaping that mustache, and more time traveling and experiencing things.

A little under-arm hair never killed anyone, in ADDITION to the fact that it's completely natural. It's clear you're not satisfied with the natural female form, which is in itself a shame, and your loss only.

ALL THAT BEING SAID... I must say I AGREE WHOLHEARTEDLY with the rest of your posting. VERY perspicacious observation regarding SUV's. Do people need SUV's like those? NEGATIVE. Does our oil consumption keep us tied by the NUTS to arab states? AFFIRMATIVE. Absolutely. I couldn't agree more with your opinion. But like you said, before any of that kind of thing happens in this country, we'll be dead and buried...

by Alex at March 31, 2007 8:57 PM

Damn Alex it was just a joke. I have underarm hair myself. But yeah, nobody could seriously defend the proliferation of SUVS. And it's telling that no one attempted it here.

by anna at April 4, 2007 6:56 AM

My goodness, what an angry bunch of people. I could really care less about the proliferation of SUV's, the non-deoderant wearing french, or any of that crapola. The only consideration that i have of SUV's is the lofty aspiration that one day i may be able to afford one in addition to affording the gas it takes to power one. Do i care about oil, no. Do i care about the afghani and other poor basards that fight for the oil that powers them, uh.. not really. Im happy to be an american, deoderant wearing, woman who cherishs the things that i really dont need or cant afford. Maybe im bannished to hell, maybe not. But i would look awful damn cute toodling around town in a black on black escalade!! On with the materialistic bitches!!

by Katie S. at April 4, 2007 7:53 PM

oops that should say bastards. not only am i selfish and materialistic, i am also an illiterate that cant spell. Sorry.

by Katie S. at April 4, 2007 7:54 PM

Hey Katie,

How about shaking it around a bit?

The boys in the crew are just waiting for you.

by Long Time Lurker at April 5, 2007 9:34 AM

I'm telling you LTL this Katie has the BS 'tude down.

I've gotta get home, y'know.

by anna at April 10, 2007 6:19 PM

Yeah I know...

He father is waiting for her in the toolshed.

by Long Time Lurker at April 11, 2007 9:48 AM

I know what I know, if you know what I mean.

Do Ya?

I liked that group...

by ChuckWoolery at April 12, 2007 6:33 PM

Chuck lives!

I went to Va Tech, I think. Had a gal pal at AJ dorm. Simply devastated.

by anna at April 17, 2007 7:47 AM

I have a cool post but lost the MT link. I emailed MG but it may be an old address. Could someone PLEASE send it to moi?

by anna at May 24, 2007 9:01 AM

Poor Frenchies, I wonder how much money they'll have to spend replacing stolen bicycles?

Now, I was going to say that in America, it's hard to fight a producers supply when there is constant consumer demand for a product, but....

Then I thought of controlled substances. But who really wants people on your block constructing illegal Suburbans? Then again, it's rather difficult to use an oversized vehicle in secret than, say, heroin.

Regardless, Id personally prefer that everone got a shot in the arm of common sense, rather than infusing "The Man" with ever more power. "Change" was the slogan of our dear Leader, but change doesn't come with commitees, or social groups. Change doesn't begin with lobbies, departments, organizations, assosiations.

Change begins in the hearts and minds of individuals.

And Anna, we'll all be dead so long as we put faith in institutions.

by Dtmccameron at February 7, 2009 12:25 AM

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