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this is repetitive, but nothing has changed

by mg at 12:02 AM on March 28, 2006

The truth is that between being a parent, a husband, a prole, and an amateur bass fisherman, I don't have much spare time to devote to being a blog superstar myself, much less read any other blogs or blog-like web sites.

And while there isn't much you all can do to help me with the former, you can help me with the latter. (Or the second one. I always get the confused).

I can't say I'm likely to find much time to read them with any regularity, I'd like some advice on web sites that you all think are cool and think I, other anyone else reading the comments here, might enjoy.

I've been on the web now for almost 12 years, and at various points over that span I've spent as much as 20 hours a day actually on the web (we call that dark period "mg discovers mud's and nearly fails out of college"). Considering that my job is all about the inter-net, I do still spend a good chunk of my day in the ether.

But the parts of the day I spend on the web for personal pleasure are usually spent doing things pretty boring, like getting my finances in order, getting directions from here to there, or looking at furniture porn.

By some estimates there are now 8 billion weblogs. That average about 1.2 blogs for every person on the planet. But it can be so overwhelming that I don't even know where to begin anymore.

So, I'm counting on you clue me in. Do it and help a brother out.

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There's Vehement.com. The exact URL may be wrong but you can Google Voluntary Human Extinction Movement. This place is uplifting, like a Charlie Brown Christmas.

by anna at March 28, 2006 8:55 AM

Well, the Chuck Norris Facts is always funny, even though you probably already know of it.

There's www.tradinganddrugs.blogspot.com, and there's Anna's failed ofshoot: www.puddleofmuddle.typepad.com. Ha, 'Typepad'.... please...

there's www.douchenation.blogspot.com or something like that.

by LOCKHEED at March 28, 2006 1:35 PM

well, mg, you might not be a "blog superstar" but you sure are a "butt superstar." so you can hold you head, err your rear, up high.

by eviltom at March 28, 2006 6:22 PM

Eviltom, that comment is about as funny as America's Funniest Home Videos when it's a clip of somebody getting hit in the nuts. No shit. Somebody gets hit in the nuts.

by lockheed at March 29, 2006 12:24 AM

Pauly Walnuts got hit in the nuts. That was pretty funny.

by anna at March 29, 2006 8:20 AM


That was pretty funny.

Guess he's just living up to his nick name.

by Long Time Lurker at March 29, 2006 11:11 AM

HOW ABOUT we start a BadSam Segment where people write Movie Scenes that seem so plausible to have occured but never did.

For example, to give you a look at the severity of my downward mobility in regards to what goes on in my head these days at work:
There are stalls in the bathroom that have automatic flushers. So they flush after the motion detector goes off when you walk about 6 inches away. I actually pictured the actor Brendan Frasier in one of these city offices, playing one of his stupid roles with his shirt off, like Tarzan, and as I write this I'm now creating a cliched pg-13 movie(he's in the office bathroom of say some city girl he falls in love with, who's father is CEO of some company that is going to cut down trees in his jungle), and after the motion sensor flush goes off he gets all excited and making whooping noises, and then some employee with a suit on says, 'Rough night?'

Please comment with your own plausible 'scenes' if you too, have no life...

by LOCKHEED at March 29, 2006 1:17 PM

I've been reading these sites regularly:

Apartment Therapy www.apartmenttherapy.com
Moleskinerie www.moleskinerie.com
Gaper's Block www.gapersblock.com
(Those last two are based in Chicago, so I like reading them because they're local.)
Robot Wisdom www.robotwisdom.com
(I don't like all of Jorn Barger's opinions, but it's been worth going to so far.)
Chris's blog www.blorg.net
I know he posts like once in a blue moon. Heya Chris!
BBC News In Pictures news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/in_pictures/default.stm
Dinosaur Comics www.qwantz.com

I hope this helps! Unfortunately I don't have any movie scene. I met Brendan Fraser once. He was wierd.

I am so tired right now. School is hard.

by jean at March 29, 2006 11:45 PM

My movie scene comes from (I think) 48 hours. This squirelly criminal has stashed some money in the trunk of a car in a parking garage. He gets out of prison and goes to retrieve it. The guy there notes that his car has been there for several years. "I've been very busy," he snarls. That's what I say whenever someone questions me about something.

by anna at March 30, 2006 8:42 AM

"mg discovers mud's and nearly fails out of college"

I had one of those periods too.

As for blogs 'n such, since this is the only blog-style thing I look at, I'm pretty well useless here.

by Adam L. at April 3, 2006 10:53 AM

There's Castrationvideos.com.

by anna at April 4, 2006 6:30 PM

how come mg hasnt posted in so long? he's so lazy. sitting around his house and wasting time. i bet he's just staring at his wall.

by eviltom at April 6, 2006 8:40 PM

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