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You'l love it, it's a way of life

by anna at 08:28 PM on August 31, 2005

My wife and I both love love House. It's one of the few shows we can agree upon. Fortunately we have multiple TVs so it's not a big issue. We await the season debut. House deals with a cantankerous, surly, uncompassionate doctor who pops pain pills like a drunk does breath mints in preparation for a meeting with his parole officer. He heads a team of young turks who specialize in diagnosing bizarre medical maladies. He doesn't suffer fools gladly. He's always locking horns with hospital management.

The season opener deals with a guy who is on death row but has convulsions. The obvious question being: Why bother? He's going to be dead soon enough anyway.

Living here in the DC area I have more than a passing interest in the spate of sniper attacks, you'll recall. John Mohammed and his vegetarian, nomimal Muslim, sharpshooting sidelick Lee Malvo had us terrorized for weeks. They shot somebody at a gas station I frequent, where Heidi runs her Hispanic brothel.

Virginia sentenced Mohammed to death. But the conviction rests on very shaky grounds, primarily because there's no evidence that he shot anybody. So they decided to go for a $2 million "insurance conviction" in Maryland. The idea being that if he wins on appeal in Virginia they can just ship him across the river and cook him over there. Win-win, right?

Except there's one little problem: Maryland has the death penalty but they are squeamish about using it. On 6/18/04 they whacked one Steven Oken, a sexual predator and mass murderer. But that was the first state-sanctioned capping in 6 years! You can't count on Maryland to take out anyone.

It's a huge problem nationwide. Politicians want to curry favor with vindictive voters so they champion the death penalty. But they get all weak in the knees when it comes to actually strapping someone to the gurney and killing them.

In California, it is far more likely that a death row inmate will die of old age than execution. The average stay is 12 years. Since 1992 when the California legislature sanctioned killing undesirable elements, 600 persons have been condemned to death. Only 10 have bought it.

The rest continue to feast at your table, wining and dining in style. In China, it's different. Guilty and they take you out back and lodge a bullet in your head before they waste another egg roll on your ass.

Speaking of dead people, I hear that they are ignoring the floating corpses in the hurricane-devastated area. Isn't that a bit of a problem from a public health standpoint? I seem to remember seomthing called the The Plague....

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More of the usual posts of nothing.

This site used to be good, then Anna took over posting nothing but "self stroke" posts about stuff that actually nobody cares about.

bring back MG, Snaggle, Effenheimer and Northstar. At least there posts had something "normal" to say, something that people could relate to.

Before you start to wax lyrical about who I am or why you should care know this:

I was here reading a long time before you ever started your "hey who am I" reign of posts (until you actually could be bothered to be you, you know, all safe an' all without fear of ridicule and some stupid image of a sheet over a head) and in all honesty I find most of your posts boring, biggoted and/or arrogant (nobody cares about your youth of wreaking cars, pulling chicks and, well, bullshit.

I'm sure you'll continue to dominate the front page (as boringly as always) and I'm sure my life will go on not caring, because trust me, I don't. However it would be good once in a while if the front page here wasn't a 9.9:1 ratio of your drivel though.

Yeah, thanks.

by zx11xoh at September 1, 2005 3:53 PM


by mg at September 1, 2005 7:58 PM

Very Ouch.

But you know...for someone who doesn't care he sure writes alot.

by Long Time Lurker at September 1, 2005 8:53 PM

Well, zx11xoh did elicit a rare (of late) peep out of mg. And he/she certainly displays an impressive knowledge of this site's history (Eff, my burqa etc.) That said, fuck you zx11xoh.

by anna at September 2, 2005 7:43 AM

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