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I was gone but hopefully not forgotten

by ezy at 09:56 AM on August 24, 2005

Hey all. What’s up in Bad Samland? Sorry I have been absent. I have had quite a few things going on and life has been hectic. I can’t say much but I will be visiting one of Mr. Bush’s fledgling democracy projects and have been working like crazy for the past few months. I won’t be going in a military role, been there done that, but will be armed when we have to leave base for our “safe house” they lodge civilian contractors in. Call me crazy but safe to me would be within the confines of the military base but I guess I don’t speak their language at all. Safe, to them, means dropping us off at a house off base. One plus one doesn’t equal two here but what do I know. Well, we’ll have weapons so I don’t feel quite as nervous about it but it’ll still be dangerous. One thing I can assure you guys is that you will not see me alive, in an orange jump suit, on the internet. Screw that. The way I see it, if anything happens, we’re going to have one chance to make a stand and that’s what I intend to do. My buddy, I spent time at Ft. Bragg with, is going with me so I’ll have someone who understands being deployed to a hostile environment to watch my back. Wheeee, fun times for all.

Amy and I are doing amazingly well. We’re still not drinking, attending therapy, and have reached a level of comfort with one another that is truly fulfilling. We’re closing on a condo Sept. 9th and will, finally, own something. We’re going to have to move an entire mile away from where we live now so it’s going to be a pretty chill move. We’re so lazy that we’re considering using a moving service but my pride keeps eating at me. This probably means my boy and I will end up moving while our wives supervise. It’ll be no different than the last move so we’re used to it. Both places are ground level so that will be a welcome change. Our last move was down four long, narrow, floors and I felt that for a week after. It sucks getting older, dammit!

What else? Oh yea, I wrecked my car about a month ago. The last thing I needed along with all of the other chaos that is my life. I was on an exit ramp and there was gravel, from some road construction. Well gravel and traction don’t go together like peas and carrots so I ended up in the woods. I totaled my ride but the only injury I received was poison oak. I have had this evil, vile affliction for three weeks. Two steroid shots, two prescriptions of Prednisone and every home remedy I could find one the internet later, I still have it. I went ahead and got all 1800s on it and just started scratching the hell out of it. It seems to be working.

Well, back to work. Peace, love and hair grease y’all.

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Hellooo Ezy! Great to see ya. If you mean Iraq, please pay a visit to that Zarquawi character and Lorena Bobbit him on the internet, prefereably here.

by anna at August 25, 2005 7:50 AM

Hey Anna! How's life been treating you. I haven't even been able to read anything on here in quite a while. How are the fam and have you settled into your new casa yet? All the boxes unpacked?

I would love to. That would be a wonderful Bad Sam exclusive. Who needs CNN, Fox, Al Jazeera, or any other news agency when you have such a reputable source like Bad Sam. We could supplement Bad Advice with Bad News. I'll report everything I see over there.

by Ezy at August 25, 2005 8:28 AM

Are they still cutting people's heads off over there, or did the media just stop talking about it. Either way, I hope you come back with head fully attached.

by mg at August 25, 2005 5:56 PM

Just watch out for the IDEs. They are vicious.

by Long Time Lurker at August 25, 2005 9:05 PM

In RE: decaps. I read that there's a specific way the Koran dictates it be done: With a small butcher knife used on sheep. That's why it takes so long, no machete.

by anna at August 26, 2005 7:46 AM

...prednisone for my sinuses...

by lockheed at August 29, 2005 6:47 PM

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