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All in the Family

by anna at 09:42 AM on September 18, 2004

Here in Washington there are two newspapers, the Post and the lesser-known Times, owned by the Moonies. We subscribe to the Post. I skim it in the morning. At lunch I like to read the more conservative Times. It's interesting to see the none too subtle differences in phrasing. The Times often uses the term "Islamofascist" while the Post never does. The Times calls people "terrorists" while the Post often inserts "accused" or "alleged." The Times always puts quotation marks thusly: gay "marriage."

But the Times is hard to find. I think agents for the Post pay stores not to stock it. In the town where I work, there is just one place to get it. It's an old-fashioned newsstand, fully stocked with a wide array of periodicals. The other day I went there for the first time in a while (it's kind of out of the way and I only get 45 minutes for lunch.) There is, of course, the porn section. Guys stand there gazing at the magazine covers wrapped in clear plastic. Nobody ever seems to buy them. A guy sits impassively behind the counter. Every so often he goes, "Finding everything okay?" This query is answered with a vague, collective murmur.

There is another rack that used to have a collection of those miniature magazines like Penthouse Forum. It also had a variety of more niche-oriented erotic story magazines. Some have pix of hunky-looking men. I've surmised that these cater to gay men.

Well, now all those are gone. They've been replaced by a dozen different periodicals with names like Family Stories and Barely Legal. As I'm fishing in my pocket for change to pay for the Times, I notice this change. A pervert is standing there peering at one of the Family things. I too pick one up out of curiousity. What are they talking about, Family? A quick glance confirmed by suspicions: these mags are devoted to.... incest. Yes. Mom and son, dad and daughter, siblings, whatever. How freaking creepy is that? And who knew there'd be such an extensive market for it outside the hills of West Virginia and Kentucky? Did I miss something here?

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What the WHAT??

by jean at September 18, 2004 7:19 PM

The Moonies?

by snaggle at September 18, 2004 8:50 PM

You don't get out much, huh? hehe j/k

by fcsuper at September 18, 2004 10:35 PM

Snaggle, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon leads a church, and sometimes his followers are called Moonies. They like to get married in stadiums. His church owns the Washington Times and is connected with the UPI, a wire service like Associated Press or Reuters (they write articles which they let newspapers publish, if they have a subscription).

by jean at September 18, 2004 10:58 PM

Yeah I was going to say his name but I was too lazy to look it up. It's like those guys (father n' son?) who run N Korea.

But seriously, isn't this just the oddest thing? I would think that to the average reader, the least erotic thing in the world would be to dead about some guy slipping it to his mom. "Ma just loves it when I bend her over an ottoman.

by anna at September 19, 2004 10:02 AM


by jean at September 20, 2004 2:47 AM

"Read about" not "dead about." Somehow that typo makes that look even weirder. And yeah, to me, cringe is the word. I wonder if folks that are into incest have earned that protection that so many groups have. "Family-friendly" has a nice, neutral ring to it, like trans-gendered.

by anna at September 20, 2004 7:39 AM

We are perilously close to WVA Anna. Maybe some of that crap is seeping over the border?

by Ezy at September 27, 2004 12:37 PM

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by pics free incest at August 26, 2005 2:01 PM

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