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With all of the crazies in the world, who needs TV?

by ezy at 03:37 PM on May 07, 2004

Hey all. Sorry to be gone so long. Work has been kicking my ass. I love my job and all but the busy season always makes me wonder why I do this. Even my AutoCAD has been acting up lately. AutoCAD is supposed to be my friend but has been doing some inexplicable things of late. I am in the middle of a huge design contract for the Dept. of Homeland Security and (surprise, surprise) they moved my deadline up. Normally this wouldnít upset me but I am leaving next Thursday to visit Amyís peeps in Missouri and have to have everything done before I leave. This puts me in sort of a bind. I will be working all weekend instead of boozing it up with my baby. Iím raw. Anyway, I come in this morning ready to be very productive and start up my PC. I browse to the folder on the network my work is in and double click on the first drawing. It opens and, to my horror, about eight hours of work is missing. How in the hell is that possible? I have my CAD set up to auto-save every five minutes. I checked that it was still set up that way and it was. Well, there wasnít anything to do at that point other than re-do the work. Wait a minute, work shouldnít just disappear. I closed the drawing and re-opened AutoCAD. I then browsed to the same drawing and opened it. There it was. The most beautiful thing I have seen in a while, my missing eight hours of work was right where I left it. I guess AutoCAD felt that I wasnít under enough stress and decided a little joke would be a good idea. Gods of AutoCAD? If you are listening, that shit was not funny, at all.

On my morning commute, all ten minutes of it, I pass a man who stands on the same corner doing a little dance to a tune no one else can hear. This guy is there everyday, same time and place and has been for three years. He only misses extreme weather days and I have seen him out in the snow before. I would really love to know what song it is that he dances to. He has become such a part of my life that when he isnít there it throws off my entire day. I actually worry about him when he isnít there and then I am washed over with complete relief when he shows back up. His dance is like nothing I have seen before. Think Elaine from Seinfeld meets a Dead show hippie. He has this flowing style that is very fluid then out of nowhere heíll kick out his leg and shake it or pump his arm three times. Iím not kidding. He pumps it three times, no more, no less. I have never seen him deviate from this. It perplexes me how this melding of styles can work but he makes it something to behold. It totally looks like the leg kick and the arm pump belongs in the dance. I have pondered the idea of asking him his name or why he does the little dance but for all I know heís a raving lunatic. All of the signs point to some head monsters, but you never know. Maybe he had terminal cancer or something equally lethal and some miracle happened to cure him. Hell, Iíd be dancing my ass off too. He also smiles that biggest smile during his entire routine until Elaine takes over and this serious look comes over his face. He means those moves, let me tell you. Why am I telling you guys this, you might ask? He hasnít been on his corner for two days and itís driving me freaking insane. Heís an older gentleman so he could have died or maybe he just got tired of dancing like Forrest Gump got tired of running, who knows? I certainly hope nothing bad has happened to him. Even on my worst morning that guy can put a smile on my face.

Dancing man, if youíre not ok, thanks for the years of smiles. I needed them. Sorry I didnít take the time to ask your name.

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Here are some good vibes for Dancing Man. Hope he's okay.

Ezy, I'm sorry if you've mentioned it before, but have you visited Amy's family before?

And is it as hot anywhere else in the U.S. as it is here? I can't take many more 100-degree days!!!

by jean at May 7, 2004 9:08 PM

Oh good maybe that will happen with all our missing belongings from the move. Like all our closet hanging clothes and did I mention all my freaking power saws. Ever tried to cut holes in a brand new entertainment with a coping saw? Hell no, you drunkenly use your Sawzall and destroy the whole thing much to the chagrin of your wife. More wine!

by anna at May 7, 2004 9:39 PM

Jean, Amy and I have tried a couple of times to visit her family but things have kept coming up. I fell and hurt my back the first time; the second time Amy's uncle and her brother died in the span of a two weeks and it didn't happen. I'm looking forward to meeting them quite a bit. I've talked to them, on the phone, and met her cousin but not the entire fam. As far as the weather goes, it's 65 degrees and beautiful today. It was 80 yesterday and a bit humid but all in all it hasn't been too bad. The Weather Channel tells me you guys have been getting scorched. AC baby!

Anna, you're drunk. Me too! Go drunks!!!

by Ezy at May 8, 2004 11:41 AM

Wow, what a big step, Ezy! I hope it goes well!

I remember when I was with my ex, who is also Chinese, how I worried that our parents might somehow bump into each other at the (Chinese) supermarket. Considering that both sets are pretty traditional in their values, we would've been practically engaged if it happened. Terrifying, especially since I had to dump the jerk ;) Not that your encounter will be anything like, but it brings back memories :)

by jean at May 11, 2004 12:28 AM

See the time of my comment. And yet, no typos! You know that think you do where you type with one finger cuz you keep hitting the wrong keys?

by anna at May 11, 2004 7:47 AM

It is a huge step. I just hope everything goes well and we all get along famously. I've met her cousin, from the same clan, and we got on good. She's a cool lady.
That would've sucked if your rents and the jerk's rents bumped into each other. That would've made the dumping a bit more traumatic, for them at least.

Anna, I know it well. I always liked to combine that with the hovering face technique. You know, where you hover your face about an inch above your keyboard trying to see the letters? That's how I roll.

by Ezy at May 11, 2004 9:26 AM

Been there done that. Doing it now. Heh-heh.

by anna at May 14, 2004 9:39 PM

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