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What the world is coming to

by anna at 07:10 PM on May 13, 2004

At last we have an answer to the age-old question of whether people would flock to snuff films if they were more widely available. As with the prior Islamic snuff film with Daniel Pearl, web-surfers have been all over the Nick Berg tape. As of today, it occupies the 10 top spots in the Lycos Top 50 list. There were 12 times more searches for it than its closest competitor, perennial Paris Hilton. Whatever this says about people, it isn't good.

Accounts of the latest travesty always say the tape can't be authenticated. Bullshit. Berg's family knew he'd been decapitated before it ever surfaced. Also, you don't think these anal births had the inclination or wherewithal to import Hollywood FX wizards, do you? No, it is all too real.

I know, I know, the decapitation was in retaliation for atrocities at that Iraqi prison from hell. But while most people's reaction to those ranged from puzzlement to revulsion, few decided to abduct a random Jew, hold him prisoner for a month and then parade him in front of a cheesy web-cam only to behead him with a smallish bolo knife. The callousness of that defies belief.

Mr. Berg was a human being with siblings, parents, a job and a penchant for adventure. His apartment in Baghdad overlooked Saddam's Penis. What kind of soulless person would it take to do something like this to him?

And let's not forget that it is no easy feat to lop off a muscular, middle-aged man's head with a small knife. There's lots of dense tissue, the aorta and a fairly rigid spinal column to get through. Not to mention that this is a far cry from shooting somebody from ten paces. Not too many people besides OJ could stomach the up close and personal nature of the gore involved with beheading someone.

Of course it was cowardly as hell. The murderer had to bring five of his buddies in case things turned ugly in front of the camera. Berg was a bulky weightlifter. What if he got loose from his shackles? If this spindly bum was half a man he'd have taken those shackles off and tried to decapitate him man-on-man. He'd have lost and be dead right now. Instead we've got this a-hole holding up the severed head like a fisherman displaying his catch. Ugh.

In high school a guy named Alvaro tried to behead me when I refused to fork over a large sum of money in my pocket. He had a gleaming switchblade in his hand. I told him to fuck off and a tussle ensued. We rolled down a hill with him trying to press his knife into my throat. He was an athletic guy with a very promising career as a soccer player. I was about to get my throat slit when a van load of my pals happened by. They beat and kicked Alvaro until he was unconscious. They took his knife and left him bleeding in the gutter. I was too stunned to even move let alone speak.

He suffered lifelong nerve damage in his leg which ended his soccer prospects. He was also left with this weird stutter. But he wasn't prosecuted or even deported for trying to kill and rob me because he was a diplomat's son. Did I feel bad? Yeah, I did. I still do.

But I do wish something like that had happened at Nick Berg's murder scene. Maybe something involving a garotte like that scene in The Godfather where Luca Brasi bought it.

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It goes to show you never know. This is one of those things I thought would generate a lot of comments, perhaps negative, but no. I'm going to build another site, or Ian is.

by anna at May 14, 2004 9:36 PM

Don't feel bad Anna; it is the weekend after all. That having been said...

Holy shit, that is one crazy story. Absolutely brutal. But what could your friends do? That guy was gonna kill you. About Nick Berg and Daniel Pearl, their deaths were terrible, and their murderers are terrible. I just hope that Berg and Pearl had understood the incredible danger their jobs had put them in, and been at peace with that. The deaths of detainees in our custody trouble me more, because they didn't have the choice of being in a war zone that Berg and Pearl did.

by jean at May 16, 2004 12:50 AM

I'm guessing that it hasn't generated much attention because you didn't direct link to the snuff video :)

Also, while it's true that beheading someone is a nasty thing to do, it's more interesting to put forward the idea that it was all a fake.

There's some pretty interesting questions I'd like to see answered. Infact, there's 50. You can find them here:


by Fuzzy at May 17, 2004 1:01 AM

For the record I was only kidding. I'm a dyed in the wool Bad Sammer. And yeah Jean it was a brutal situation. But the thing is, I found myself wanting them to stop once he'd been subdued. I guess I kept my mouth shut because of some macho bullshit.

Fuzz, my understanding is that there was a very short window of opportunity to view the actual snuff film before they shut al.ansar.biz down. Must be downloads out there though. Ick.

by anna at May 17, 2004 7:46 AM

Oh I'm sure there are downloads out there, yet am still glad to have never seen any, nor heard/read any graphic descriptions of it.

It would be one of those things that you could never really "unsee" and it gives me the shivers to even try to imagine it.

In response to the other part of this post, given your description, I feel pretty confidant in thinking that your "buddy" Alvaro had it coming. He's really lucky that he didn't lose the ability to do more in life...

by lajoie at May 17, 2004 4:12 PM

Through our mutual association with rec soccer, Alvaro and I actually became friends over time. He was still a pretty damn good goalie though he could no longer play midfield for shit after the thrashing he took.

by anna at May 17, 2004 8:52 PM

I don't believe someone could cut off a head with only a knife. Take a look at the picture of Nick Berg's head as it is being held after the decapitation. There is the same 'don't care' expression he had when he was waiting to get beheaded. Something aint right.

by darkwalker268 at July 1, 2004 11:35 AM

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