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Just roll me over when you're done

by anna at 11:07 PM on May 10, 2004

I have a friend whose husband works a late shift. By the time he gets home she's fast asleep. And the title of this post is exactly what she's instructed him to do if he's feeling amorous.

It occurs to me that you could accurately measure your level of self-esteem by counting the number of times you have had sex with persons who were more or less comotose. Perhaps they weren't when the intimacy began but for whatever reason they are now. I think this is particularly true when it comes to women. Or men. Or the so-called "intersexed," whom I just found out about from my new 200 worthless channels digital cable.

There were a bunch of other examples of this sort of thing I'd written down at work but presently I am at home. Kindly help me out with other examples.

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Just to clarify, this is like golf. The lower the tally the better.

by anna at May 11, 2004 7:49 AM

"So-called" intersexed? So-called because you don't believe they exist of so-called because that's the current terminology? If it's because of the former, it's a very well-documented phenomena. The latter, well, I'll give you that. Terminology has been floundering around for a while...

by Leaffin at May 11, 2004 10:10 AM

No I know they exist. They used to be called hermaphrodites and they are revered in India I think. But honestly, I had never heard the term intersexed. What with homosexuals, transgenders, tranvestites, unisex bathroooms, bisexuals, the curious and now the intersexed, it's just a little hard to keep it all straight is all.

A egotistical guy I knew in high school used to say he wished he were a hermaphrodite, er intersexed so that he could screw himself. But I don't think that is for real. Guys.

by anna at May 11, 2004 6:19 PM

Umm, I think hermaphrodite is the word used for animals with both sets of sex organs. Like, say, earthworms, for which it's the standard to have both. Intersex, meanwhile, refers to those with both sets of sex organs when it's outside the norm for their species.

So, are we looking for ways to measure your self esteem?

by Andy at May 13, 2004 12:28 AM

And isn't it eunuchs that are revered in some eastern cultures? They're surgically castrated males, not born like that, I think.

by Andy at May 13, 2004 12:32 AM

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