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Bless Your Tiny Corporate Heart

by adam at 01:34 AM on May 28, 2004

Verizon has a new ad up on TV, and although I know that they're a heartless corporation and really don't care about anything at all, I need to say: Verizon, just this once, you rock. It is so nice to see an ad on TV that depicts a multiracial family doing something normal, like having techno-aware kids roll their eyes at their dad's computer hopelessness. People go CRAZY for some reason whenever there's even an implication of interracial dating on TV. And it ain't just the whiteys - lots of people start talking about "our women" and preserving purity mumble mumble when they're confronted with the mixing. So despite the risks I'm glad to see a company stand up and portray the world as part of it really is - in technocolor.

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I'm reminded o' an old Dr. Pepper ad featuring none other than Garth Brooks. He's doing his country shtick and these white/Asian models are smiling and dancing and pretending to dig it. But there's a real hot sister there too, and you can just tell she'd rather be in a naked human pyramid at Abu Ghraib than there.

by anna at May 28, 2004 7:57 AM

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