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I'm my own best friend

by snaggle at 12:20 PM on March 13, 2004

And so, spurred by MGís melancholic post, filled with the ripe possibility of the End of BadSam, I reappear, organizing pixels on the screen to some semblance of text. I suppose the problem I have lately is that not much interesting has happened. I guess I didnít give you all a very detailed account of my time in Rome, but suffice it to say it was filled with good food, good wine, and hating the instructors who went to Rome with us. Now I have returned to good olí Ames, Iowa, and Iím making my way through my last semester of school. Itís a very scary thought, that; cradled in the bosom of academia for six years, I fear May, when I will suddenly be spit out into the cold, dangerous Real World. Hopefully I can find a job before then. (If any of you know of any graphic design firms in New York, LA, Minneapolis, or Chicago looking for fresh talent, please let me know.)

Perhaps the most notable life-change of late has been my living situation when I returned to the States. I was planning on living in my old apartment again with my former roommates, but when I was abroad, they informed me they had decided to have 6 to 7 people living in our 5 bedroom apartment. Yeah, I wasnít so keen on that. So here I am, living all by myself in a 1 bedroom apartment just down the street. Living alone is kind of fun Ė not only can I run around naked if I want to, smoke inside, stay up till all hours bothering no one at all, but I can also leave my things scattered all Ďround, with no one to complain!

I have noticed one change in myself, however, that sometimes affects my interactions with others. Iíve always tended to talk to myself, but now, with the only human voices in my apartment usually coming from the speakers, Iíve taken to talking to myself even more. I sincerely hope this isnít a sign of impending development of Multiple Personality Disorder (Jeebus knows I have enough to worry about without that.)

When I start having conversations with myself Iíll start to worry. Until then, youíll know me as the guy constantly muttering to himself.

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Snaggle, my man! You know what they say about MPD: With MPD you're never alone. Then again, a local multiple tried to blame a murder he did one one of his alters, which was a demonic dog. The jury didn't buy it.

by anna at March 13, 2004 5:23 PM

You know, I noticed that about living alone too. I already talk to myself inside my head, occsionally bits of that conversation slip out into the world. When you are home alone and the place is quiet and maybe you haven't talked to someone all day, it seems the internal conversation slips out much more often.

Also, some advice - stay in school another year. Come up with any excuse. Fail. Change majors (again). Anything to not be in the world.

by mg at March 13, 2004 8:21 PM

If you can, stay in school at least another semester or year(unemployment is still rampant, the same damn horn lockheed's been blowing since the 'pre-anna is a man' days, wait until 'wages' pick up, because if you land a job, you'll be stuck starting with a low base salary, which will pay at last 10-15% more if you get the same job a year from now)... and if you find yourself conversing outloud in public with yourself, just put an earphone in your well, 'ear', and let the wire dangle down by your cell phone or something and it won't matter... how many times do I think someone is schizophrenic in manhattan, only to find them wearing the phone plug fixture of 'our' times.

by lockheed at March 13, 2004 9:32 PM

I was eating at KFC and I thought there were two babbling schizophrenics at the table next to mine. Turns out they were ignoring each other and talking to unseen parties elsewhere, hands-free. How rude.

by anna at March 14, 2004 9:53 AM

A post by Snaggle! Yay!

I have a similar problem, except that in my case my internal conversation tends to slip out when I'm either

a) anxious (and therefore people will hear snippets of me griping to myself or trying to calm myself down, one or the other) or

b) upset with myself (in which case what you can hear is me scolding myself)

Other than this I'm completely normal, I swear!

by Lucy at March 15, 2004 3:23 AM

I have daydreams of living alone. Damn, I'm jealous. Even if you do go crazy, at least you can do it naked and spilling crumbs willy-nilly.

Don't worry about Lockheed's gloom-and-doom forecast, what with all the people deciding to go to law school right now, I think it will stabilize the job market. (Does anyone else know like 30 people who suddenly, inexplicably decided to go to law school?)

by Linz at March 15, 2004 8:47 AM

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