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chuck woolery

Rain on my parade? No rain on his.

by chuck woolery at 03:51 PM on November 10, 2003

note: inspired by Lajoie's post referring to the "indespensible" employee getting fired.

Over the past 2- 3 years my life has changed dramatically. I've went from being unhappy in private practice to being happy in Public service. I've also gone from happily married to unhappily married, to seperated to divorced to unhappily single, to happily single to happily involved.

In short my life has been a bit of a roller coaster. Through it all I've had one particular smug happily married buddy who seemed to smirk at my troubles through my time of need. Not my best friend by any measure. Well recently the tides have turned and I have seen him go through some interesting shit as well.

My buddy had the fortune a few years back, while attending university, of meeting a nice girl who seemed to come from a well off family. Nice, somewhat oveindulged by her parents, but otherwise real decent girl. My buddy, who had always been a bit of an ass with women, really seemed to hit it off with this girl.

I have to admit, I thought he was being a gold digger, but it appears that later events have proved me wrong.

Anyway, my buddy eventually married said girl, in a lavish ceremony paid by her parents (at least 20K, at least). And among their wedding gifts/ gifts given to "help them start out" was a new house, a new jeep, and a jaguar. Yep, a jag. My buddy took all this in stride, and seemed to have no problem accepting the gifts. Just his wife's parent's being generous with their money.

Oops, I guess it wasn't their money after all... her father got busted about two years into their marriage. He'd been stealing money from the bank he was a branch manager with. Millions. One of those schemes where a manager authorizes millions in demand loans to fictious people, and puts the money in accounts he controls. Of course since he's the manager, he never calls the loans, and he's off to the races. Leading a complete double life, with several women, several houses, and lots of expensive toys.

After the whole thing unravelled, and the authoriities got involved, my buddy found himself sued by the bank, and his house and vehicles seized. He and his wife were out on their asses, and obviously a little estranged from her parents. The saga continues as the lawsuit continues and the father-in-law's criminal troubles wind their way through the court system.

Personally I think its his bad karma catching up to him. I certainly thought it couldn't have happened to a more deserving person. Given his smugness and I told you soes when my marriage went down the crapper. But to his credit, his now poor wife is still his wife, and he's showing himself to be a stand up man for her in helping her deal with all of this.

Oh, in case you're wondering how this ties in with Lajoie's post... The father in law never took vacations. Never. He was at that bank day in and day out, making sure that nobody could question any of his funny loans when he wasn't around to answer the questions, and smooth things over. An indespensible employee who made himself dispensible...

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Indispensable people don't exist. My mentor was a genius but once sexual harrassment allegations the company kicked him to the curb. But I knew him real well in my personal life and I know that most of those allegations were bogus. One wasn't, a little elevator grab-ass.

by anna at November 10, 2003 7:01 PM

Anna, that reminds me of the one boss I've had that I would most consider a mentor-- smart, hard-working, pragmatic yet ethical, she grew up on welfare in the projects in Tennessee and went on to a full ride at Harvard and a Wharton MBA. She got laid off along with me when our company wiped out the marketing department. Sigh. There are no gods anymore...

by jean at November 11, 2003 4:03 AM

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