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chuck woolery

Diversions, Alberta style

by chuck woolery at 01:22 PM on November 24, 2003

In my neck of the continent winter has now hit. As I look out my window I see new snow, with my little city having accumulated a couple of inches this morning. Overall there has been a few inches of snow over the last few weeks, with the cold having settled in shortly before Halloween, and staying more or less until now. Over that time we've had a few days above freezing, but most have been between 10 to 20 degrees below freezing.

Obviously I live in a place where winter comes. And of course when winter comes I have the urge to get out and try and break some of my bones on the slopes.

With that I've been watching the snow conditions at my favorite resort, Sunshine Village in Banff National Park.

And they look good. 31.5 inches of snow in the past 6 days and 36.6 inches of settled snow. Very nice for early season conditions when more than half the resorts aren't even open yet. With all this snow I've been trying to find time to make that drive. The drive is only about 2 to 2 1/2 hours for me.

Of course I do have some prep first. I have to get my snowboard into the shop to get tuned up, (edges done, and waxed). And I still have to get my Boarding wear out and checked.

I am planning on going to Sunshine at least 3 times this year as I have a savings card that makes it quite affordable. Of course the savings only kick in once you've gone 3 times. If you only go once it's not really worth it.

I'm also hoping to make it to Fernie, and maybe Kimberley this year as well. We'll see how the vacation days and the savings hold out. Of course if I actually do break anything during any one of these excursions, that would more or less end the diversion for some period at least...

The snowboarding here is one of the few things that keep me from having year round envy of those that live in milder climates than I was fortunate enough to have been born in.

Don't worry, when I have made it to the Mountain I'll have a photo entry that should peak some interest...

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i just like the name.


it's like a batman noise.

by lajo at November 24, 2003 1:36 PM

Still waiting for some snow over here. Do you ride goofy or regular, Chuck?

by Ezy at November 24, 2003 2:01 PM

Regular. I've tried goofy, but it didn't feel right.

by chuckwoolery at November 24, 2003 3:06 PM

The first time I went I let a friend talk me into riding goofy saying that was the correct way for me to ride. He took me to the top of the intermediate slope and turned me loose. I stayed on my feet for about fifty feet, just long enough to get up some speed, then wiped out right under the lift. I wiped out so bad that the people on the lift applauded me. I finally got to the bottom, about thirty minutes later, and my boy switched me over to regular. I went back up and rode just fine, nothing spectacular but I didn't fall but a couple of times. He knew I should ride regular but wanted to get a laugh at my expense. I got him so drunk that he threw up for most of that night. I got some great drunk, stupid pictures of him. I'd say I got revenge.

by Ezy at November 24, 2003 3:16 PM

Yeah! BANFF!

I want to try snowboarding this winter. Steve said he'd teach me... I am going to break my ass.

I look forward to pics Chuck. Y'know (no offense to any skiiers, of which I am one), snowboarding is just so much sexier...

by Linz at November 24, 2003 3:20 PM

You can get padded pants etc to protect your ass. A lot of people where those padded lycra bicycle shorts under their snowpants. A Helmet is a must, and wrist guards (rollerblading type work well).

I've bonked myself many times, and was really glad I always wear a helmet.

by chuckwoolery at November 24, 2003 5:11 PM

Yeah skiing is cool but you know, I've done that plenty of times. I want to take up half-pipe. Not smoking one, but the skateboard stunt thing on TV.

by anna at November 24, 2003 6:49 PM

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