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Killin’ in the name of

by ezy at 12:12 PM on June 12, 2003

Hey all. Sorry I have been quiet for so long. I have been going through a pretty rough time lately. My Dad had to have a quadruple bypass and I've also been having some other personal demons to beat down. I'm going to my Dad's place for a couple of weeks to take care of him so I'll be dropping off the radar again. I'll definitely be back when I get all of this shit sorted out and can think straight. Until then peace, love and hair grease y'all.

Ok. One of Anna’s earlier posts has inspired me to explore a topic. This is a something that has been pissing me off for quite a while.

These pro-life fanatics have been giving me a case of the ass for years. Their holier than thou attitudes are infuriating.

Morally, I’m not even sure I’m in favor of abortion. I, really, have no idea what decision I would make if I were in that position. I probably wouldn’t choose to abort but that’s my choice.

Whoop there it is.

That’s the crux of my displeasure with these people. It’s about freedom of choice. You know, one of the pillars our country was founded on. I believe everyone has the right to make the decision as to what they do with their bodies or products of them, within reason. If I want to eat fourteen chocolate cakes every day until my tub o lard ass can’t even get out of my house and die miserably alone or masturbate constantly without food or water until I waste away, guess what?......It’s my right.

I’d also be killing myself, correct? How long do you think the old body could subsist on a diet of chocolate cake only or go without food and water? A few years, tops, for the cake and a couple of weeks without food and water, I would guess. Well, if the argument holds, I would be killing an innocent person, myself, so that would be against the pro-lifer’s beliefs. Would I end up with masses of pro-life people demonstrating on my lawn? Would they kill the baker delivering the cakes, for the greater good, as they did Dr. Slepian in Buffalo, or cut off my stroking hand and force feed me?

On Pro-Life Virginia’s Website, a large picture of a smiling Paul Hill was displayed with the caption, “American Hero.” Hill, an anti-abortion activist and former minister, shot and killed Dr. John Bayard Britton and volunteer clinic escort James Barrett outside a Pensacola, Fla., abortion clinic.
Pro-Life Virginia’s Rev. Donald Spitz wrote that Hill was “currently awaiting execution … for saving innocent babies from being murdered by baby-killing abortionist John Britton.” Spitz also publicly cheered Slepian’s murder.


A Reverend said this?? Pro-life my ass. How can your motto be pro-life when members, of your group, are killing doctors and clinic assistants, while you condone it? Any group Eric Rudolf and others like him are affiliated with needs a long hard look, in my opinion.

Oh, this is good. The majority of pro-lifers are also pro-death penalty. http://usconservatives.about.com/library/weekly/aa062101a.htm

It seems that killing is justified, in God’s eyes, if the person being killed deserves it. Hmmmmmm. Let’s see. Our courts are ruled by human beings. We’re imperfect and make many mistakes for which we must atone before God, if you believe in the big guy, every day. What makes the pro-lifers think that every person we condemn to die, in a court of law, is guilty? I mean hell, the guy might not have Johnny Cochran and the Chewbacca defense in his corner. Have they missed the news in the last say……two years? Forensic medicine is getting inmates released from prison, including death row, at a pretty steady rate these days. How will they justify the deaths of the innocent who have been wrongly convicted and put to death? They haven’t been investigating cases where the convicted has already been executed, that I know of, to see if mistakes were made. They will eventually though. Does that mean that the supporters of the death penalty and pro-life are now no better than the supporters of pro-choice? Innocent people are dying. Listen, I know that not all pro-life supporters are like this but there is a large enough contingent to make it disturbing.

Screw it. I’m going to be pro-porn and nobody is going to tell me otherwise. I may even start offing people who oppose porn. Then I can be just like the radical pro-lifers. Valhalla I am coming.

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Doing the right thing can be difficult - but passing a law so you don't have to make that choice is easy. The problem is, minds are like water, rules are like a sieve. Water molecules form a network that can easily pass trough the sieve or not depending on their state. The mind (also a network) constantly looks for ways to be free, yet we all have sieves through which we don't pass because we can control our state. Better to teach people to make good choices than waste time constructing a tighter and tighter sieve that does a poor job of stopping people from doing bad things. Of course both are required - but the focus is always on the seive.

Do you think you have the right to eat whatever you want? Last month there was all that fuss about heart disease and obesity, and the associated cost to tax payers. And there was much talk in the media about laws regulating food using the same logic that was used to pass the California motorcycle helmet law. Helmetless riders cost more money, therefore there will be no more helmetless riders (though the numbers were eventually shown to be off - the law still exists - no choice in Cali). Laws regulating what we eat. It sounded pretty frightening.

by Chris at June 12, 2003 3:34 PM

Are you serious!? Laws regulating what we eat? It's none of the state you live in or the US government's business, in my opinion. I don't think we're going to have to worry about it though. The money made by big pharmaceutical companies, off of heart disease, is too important to screw with. They have the money to lobby and make campaign contributions also so I think the politicians will listen to them.

by Ezy at June 12, 2003 4:16 PM

As for religious types being for the death penalty - I've always wondered what part of religion allows people to take life away from others - despite the crimes they may have committed. Once a suspected criminal is isolated and controlled, the problem is by and large solved, and I would think the further taking of their life would be something for god to decide (for those of faith). Or would at least be based on some kind of religious interpretation. Thus if we really wanted to show god that we were pious, wouldn't we stop short of passing ultimate judgement and killing someone, and instead show god that we are capable of using our brains and technology to isolate criminals, and solve the societal problem in a non-lethal way, and defer to the big g to pass the ultimate judegement?

by chris at June 12, 2003 6:21 PM

As far as I know about the unhealthy food issue, I think the talk is about whether we should follow Britain's lead in considering a tax on unhealthy foods. That being said, it's just under consideration right now, it's not yet a law. Interestingly enough, any such law is expected to affect the poor the most, because people with low incomes depend more on highly processed, fatty foods in their diets. Why? Because that kind of food is cheaper. Pretty sad, isn't it?

by jean at June 13, 2003 2:45 AM

Oh yes, best wishes to you and your father, Ezy. I hope that you'll both be better soon.

by jean at June 13, 2003 2:49 AM

You can't regulate personal behavior. Ban abortion and it's back to the back alley, coat hanger extraction days. My best to your dad.

by anna at June 13, 2003 7:38 AM

Thank you guys. He's a tough old dog so I know he'll be fine. He's all I have left, parent wise, so I tend to freak out a bit and I'm fiercly protective of him. I appreciate the concern. You guys rock.

That is sad Jean. The poor get screwed no matter what it seems. Trickle down economics isn't the only shaft they're going to be getting I guess.

Chris, you would think so huh? If I remember my scriptures correctly, there is this little thing called the ten commandments which states "Thou Shalt Not Kill". There is, also, a passage that says that since we, humans, are imperfect we shouldn't judge anyone. That isn't our job. Personally though, I believe some criminals deserve to die. I believe rapists, serial killers, child molesters are a few. There are more.

Anna, how are things in M-Town?

by Ezy at June 13, 2003 8:53 AM

Ezy, aren't you being a little contradictory about the death penalty thing mentioned in the same breath as "Thou Shalt Not Kill"?

Oh, wait, I can't remember if you are religious. Oh well. But this was a great post. I am absolutely mystified by some people's complete inability to put themselves in the shoes of others.

I mean, I can put myself in the shoes of some inbred cracker that thinks god is sanctioning their bombing of abortion clinics. I would be just as much of a moron if my dad and his sister were my parents. Why can't they try to put themselves in the shoes of a reasonable person?

by Linz at June 13, 2003 9:07 AM

While spiritual I wouldn't call myself religious per se. I think some people are so convinced of their rightousness that they view anyone with an opposing view as ignorant or just bad. I never got it either. While I don't agree with their views, you don't see me, or any other reasonable person for that matter, jumping on a soap box and verbally or physically attacking them. That is just ridiculously stupid.

by Ezy at June 13, 2003 11:51 AM

Well put, Ezy. Basically, it's nobody's fault really. Just simpleminded people doing stupid things. Animals really. So fuck em. I'm sorry, but man is not created equal. Fuck the dumbfucks in the ghetto. Woops, this has very little to do with the post. Best wishes to your loved ones, ezy.

by LOCKHEED at June 13, 2003 4:34 PM

It's going pretty well here in the swamp. But just let me add a little something about Dr. Slepian. He had just returned from temple when this Atomic Dog cut him down, IN FRONT OF HIS FOUR CHILDREN! Yes, they were there, they were surely traumatized and now their family has no breadwinner. Is Mr. Dog sorry? Hell no. Now, he deserves to die at the hands of another inmate like Jeffrey Dahmer. Just leave him in the general population of the pprison and let time take its course.

by anna at June 13, 2003 6:17 PM


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by martin at December 8, 2004 12:45 PM

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