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fair use: whistling in the dark

by mg at 08:39 AM on April 05, 2003


more cartoons

In my head, this is Saddam Hussein as heckled by the two old dudes from the original Muppet Show. Of course, if anyone really heckled Saddam Hussein they'd be fed their own feet, and that wouldn't be funny at all. Not that this is funny either, but...

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Straight-faced, Iraq's Disinformation Minister reports that its forces have "butchered" American troops that had stormed Saddam-cum-Baghdad Airport. Flights should resume anytime now. I'm there.

by Anna at April 5, 2003 9:22 AM

I just got engaged. We're going to get married in Baghdad. Whoo hoo!!!

by LOCKHEED at April 6, 2003 9:14 PM


by necropethamenos at April 7, 2003 4:56 AM

Congrats (?) Lockheed.

Necro: I don't know what they are showing you over there, but the Iraqi Information Minister keeps coming on TV to say things like the Saddam Intl Airport is in complete control, that coalition troops are nowhere near Baghdad, that Iraq has shot down X number of planes, etc. All of which are untrue. When the people in Iraq can see American tanks rolling through their streets, see American planes landing at the airport, exactly how can they believe anything their leaders are telling them? For that matter, how can anyone believe anything the Iraqi administration says when they lie so obviously?

by mg at April 7, 2003 10:36 AM

Congrats Lockheed. I'm glad you found the last refuge for the world's goat lovers.

Does anyone remember when Mr. Burns told Smithers to "get in the plane". That is how the Iraqi people "believe", you just have to listen closely for the hammer pulled back.

by Joseph at April 7, 2003 8:35 PM

It was comical today, as American tanks rolled through "Freedom Plaza" (how's that for an ironic name?) the Iraqi information minister STILL held out that there were no coalition forces in Baghdad. I just don't understand the kind of balls you'd need or what kind of complete denial you'd have to be in have a press confernce saying you crushed the opposition and driven the invaders out of your city while there was the sound of audible gun fire. I think fella took what Peter Arnett told him a little too seriously. Speaking of Mr. Arnett, I heard today that in addition to his Daily Mirror gig (the British tabloid), he is also working for a Greek TV station (NET?), amongst others (including an arab sat station - not Al Jazeera).

by mg at April 7, 2003 8:57 PM

Yup, he works for NET too now and several other (not greek) stations.
About the not-so-real-information minister, well, what can I say, it's a joke! This guy would yell american troops were all slaughtered even if they were among his audience.
Anyway I don't think anyone believes him anymore!

by necropethamenos at April 8, 2003 1:37 AM

Exactly! The problem is, people have believed the things that he, and people like him, have said for years. I keep reading how this war is only going to cause more terrorism. I find that hard to believe. For decades people in the Arab world have been told lies like this - basically that America is evil and will eat their children - so of course it is understandable that they hate the west. Sure, people in Europe dislike America, but they aren't willing to strap a bomb to their chest and blow up a school bus. Why? Because they hear multiple sides of the story. If democracy takes hold in Iraq, it will spread across the Middle East. I don't care if they never grow to love the United States, but if leaders who maintain control through torture, murder, and lies are removed from power, then I am sure that blind hatred will disapear.

by mg at April 8, 2003 9:46 AM

Gotta disagree again. Yeah, they've heard all the lies you can imagine. No doubt about that.
On the other hand terrorism is not a result of that. At least not suicide-related terrorism. People in europe would never strap bombs on them and let themselves blow up in a plane just to kill americans simply cause they have what to live for. They have their families intact. They've got money. They've got a life.

Middle east in general and Iraqis in this particular moment have lost too many things. A great percenatge of people (not all of them of course) have lost their families, their friends, more or less everything during this war and during the sanctions (imposed by the west).
Those ppl have nothing to lose. THAT'S why they try to blow up in an elevator to kill 4 or 5 westerners (americans mostly cause US is the leader in this war).

You have to understand (not ETHICALLY understand, RATIONALLY) that well, they don't need propaganda to be against the US. It's as simple as that:

You camp out of my home for years and won't let anyone bring food/money/medicines cause you don't like my mom. My mom's a bitch but I suffer cause you do that. Then you break in and, while trying to kick the bitch's ass you kill half the ppl in the building including all the ppl I love. Would I strap 786 bombs on me and lock myself with you in the bathroom?


Now, for the last 24 hours the rate of persons that enter hospitals in baghdad is 100 persons/hour.
1/3 of them will eventually die.
How many persons do you think will be ready to kill themselves just to take some americans with them?

by necropethamenos at April 8, 2003 11:33 AM

Wow. Are you kidding? Their leaders have lied to then about the "evil Americans" yet that has nothing to do with terrorism? That has EVERYTHING to do with terrorism. If you've been told your entire life that the United States was the cause of all the problems in your life, wouldn't you hate them too? The truth is, it is the governments of these countries that are causing their lives to be crap. Saddam Hussein spends over 1 billion each year on the construction and maintenance of his palaces. Each year that money could have been used to feed every single citizen in Iraq for an entire month. America represented 40% of the Iraqi GDP last year, all of which went to humanitarian aid. Saddam Hussein is spending his country's money on marble stairs, yet he tells his people that it is America who is keeping them hungry. When the lies are stripped away, the terrorism will end.

I also heard the 100/persons hour figure. But, you know where that information came from? The Iraqi gov't. Why in the world would you believe anything they say? According to them, there aren't even Americans in Baghdad. Are these 100 people going to the hospital every hour just really clumsy? Now, I know people are dying. Innocent people, not just soldiers, but this is a war. But 20 years from now, a child who lost their mother today will still be sad about, but I have to believe they'll be happy that their child isn't hungry, has oppotrunities, and doesn't have to fear for their life just for speaking out.

by mg at April 8, 2003 12:19 PM

"But, you know where that information came from? The Iraqi gov't."
According to what I saw it was a doctor saying it, not the government. And he said it in english. NOT on iraq tv
"If you've been told your entire life that the United States was the cause of all the problems in your life, wouldn't you hate them too?"
Of course I would. I only said that US has given them enough reasons to hate them in any case. Even without propaganda by saddam they'd still hate US. I explained why I would if I was them. Or I think I would anyway.

Mg, ours must be the longest disagreement on the web ever!

by necropethamenos at April 8, 2003 2:33 PM

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