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fair use: the happiest place on earth

by mg at 08:36 AM on April 01, 2003

No sooner do I create a comic strip to reflect a different set of sensibilities than those represented by every hack artist out there, than I discover Chris Muir’s Day By Day, which already does a pretty good job speaking for me. It’s very good stuff, with actual drawings and characters and stuff.


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I don't know if it has anything with the comic strip, I just wanted to say that I can't believe anyone can really listen to this man and believe him.
I mean, about the "how long will the war go on for" subject his government actually used as a "pro war" argument the fact that it would last days.
Cause Iraqis would be delighted to have US troops over there so they all would surrender.
And as you see, they don't . I mean obviously its more than the Saddam regime, most civilians are armed and will fight against the US. Not a speculation anymore. You see it on tv (even on CNN maybe). We definitely see it over here.

So where's the "liberation" part?

Apart from that could someone inform me about the incident with the reporters that have been fired from NBC? Not much attention was given to it over here and from what I heard it sounded a bit like extreme cencorship (but I might be entirely wrong)

by necropethamenos at April 1, 2003 4:06 PM

The administration was not going around saying that this war would be over quickly. Even if they had, the simple fact is that the initial plans, "shock and awe" were rejected, if they were ever intended to be used at all, in favor of a slower progression that would, hopefully, decrease the loss of life to Iraqi civilians. It is the American people, news commentator, etc, that said this war would be over in days.

I'm not sure what they are reporting over there in Greece, but the news we get here is that Iraqi soldiers are forcing civilians to carry out these suicide bombings that have taken place the last several days. Now, both sides of the media war, have something to gain by proliferating their version of the story. The truth,as often is the case, is somewhere in the middle. But, as much as you might distrust the United States, when it comes down to it would you really trust the words of Saddam Hussein's propaganda machine over that of George Bush's?

As for Peter Arnett, well this is his side of things. Obviously, that is pretty one-sided. Basically what happened is reporter went on Iraqi TV and voiced his opinion that the American war effort was failing, etc. In addition to it being untrue (this war has been only 1/3 as long as the Gulf War, there have been 1/6 as many casualties, and U.S. forces are within 50 miles of Baghdad), it goes against journalistic ideals (objectivity), and was just a pretty dumb. Sure, the Iraqi people can watch CNN if they want to, where reporters seem ready to give up already, but for an American reporter to actually go on Iraqi TV and say "America is failing" is just in such unimaginably poor taste. Arnett even said as much himself, before being fired. Now, it seems he's turned his opinion around and doesn't think he's done anything wrong at all. Whatever.

by mg at April 1, 2003 4:49 PM

"when it comes down to it would you really trust the words of Saddam Hussein's propaganda machine over that of George Bush's?"

No, absolutely not, but I never referred to his propaganda! In fact to me the whole thing is not "saddam vs bush". It's more like bush vs common sense!

I don't have any real access to iraqi tv. I only have CNN + an unedited combination of SkyNews, CNN, NBC and Al Jaseera through a Greek channel with translators working all day long (man, that should be tiring). Which means, I have a pretty global view of things (obviously not global ENOUGH, but it's better than just one opinion).
If I really thought the truth was not in the middle, if I only watched Al Jaseera for example, I would believe americans have 3 heads each and eat babies for breakfast.

On the other hand if I only had CNN I would believe americans are angels armed with flowers that went to iraq to liberate iraqis and bring eternal peace and love (and the elixir of immortality perhaps) to the middle east.

Well, I dont.

So from all I've seen and heard and tried to combine I think it's a bit like that: The US army was not ready for a real "get out" attitude from iraqis (talking about the people, not saddam). I saw it on interviews on various channels, it seems there was this feeling that everyone would welcome them except saddam and his army. Which is not the case, obviously. I even saw the "witchhunt" that was organized to capture 2 pilots (or whatever they were) that fell in bagdhad. It was thousands of civilians searching in the city and shooting in the river hoping they would get them.
That does not seem like a real "welcome" does it?
But if US is not welcome there by anyone (even the oppressed people of iraq) WHY are they there? To liberate WHOM?
The Kurds (the only ones who actually welcome them)? If they wanted to do something about them, they could reeealy easily convince Turkey to stop bombing them some years ago.
Finally I am convinced that the victims (counting soldiers too) are MANY more that what's heard in the news right now.

I must find a way to keep my comments shorter!

by necropethamenos at April 1, 2003 5:47 PM

And about Arnett, he really talked in iraqi TV and said that? Extremely stupid or just crazy?

by necropethamenos at April 1, 2003 5:49 PM

Arnett was used as psychological warfare by the us networks to have the Iraqis let their guard down, think that they have a military chance. Arnett was already offered the new job by the British affiliate guised as an independent newstation, and MSNBC paid him a massive SEVERANCE, and will get killer subsidies from the U.S. gov for using the psych out. They were all in on it. Geraldo is the same case. This is a zero-sum game.

This WAR has destroyed my Career. It's absolutely personal now. The chances are 70/30 that I will be currently dead before I get fired. Thusly, Lockheed will make the rashest bid he's made in 2326 years, rivalling, if not more demented than my conquering of Persia way back in BCE. I'm going in 100%, fully leveraged, committing every cardinal sin in the Chicago Board of Trade's history. The upside potential is reasonable, the downside is technically INFINITE. That's the business we are in. May Lockheed burn in hell.

by LOCKHEED at April 1, 2003 6:47 PM

Well I'm not sure if you meant "Arnett was used as psychological warfare by the us networks to have the Iraqis let their guard down" or if it was just sarcasm. If you meant it, though, it sounds like the biggest conspiracy theory ever!

by necropethamenos at April 2, 2003 1:48 AM

I think Arnett just fell victim to what it seems so many of the reporters have, thinking that they are the story. Yesterday one of the American POW was rescued. Also, two reporters that'd been missing for about a week in Iraq were found. I was watching local news last night and they did about 20 seconds on the POW, and about 2 minutes covering the reporters. It's ridiculous.

by mg at April 2, 2003 8:46 AM

I think that POW has a big future once she recovers from her gunshot wounds. She's got that whole All-American Gal thing going on, and a terrific story to boot. Let's just hope she doesn't talk like some other West Virginians I know.

by Anna at April 2, 2003 6:20 PM

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