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Things Just Get Weirder by the Day

by anna at 09:48 AM on December 03, 2002

When MG talks, people listen. And boy do they ever comment, to the tune of 10 added to his last post alone. So I'd like to pick up on that thread by saying that, while I've never met him, MG strikes me a level-headed, sensible sort who'd make for a splendid dad were he to go that route. Which may or may not be a helluva lot more than one could say for this eccentric recluse.

Now, putting aside those ancient and unproven child molestation accusations, I realize that most folks regard Mr. Jackson as a relatively harmless freak. Nonetheless, until human cloning becomes a reality as it evidently will soon , he's still governed by basic laws of biology. Like the one that require a viable womb for childbirth to take place. Plus, judging by the infant's tender age, he's probably still breast-feeding. Which means the mom was probably present during this bizarre episode.

One wonders about the conversation leading up to it. Perhaps it went something like this:
Michael: Honey, where's the baby?
Mother: Last I saw, the nanny was bathing him. Why?
Michael: There's a throng of my adoring fans outside clamoring for a glimpse of Prince Michael II. So I thought I'd dangle him from a 4th story balcony, maybe juggle him a bit.
Mother: Fine by me. Just be careful not to drop him. And bundle him up.

Right. Am I missing something here?

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Not that I don't click on the stories, but it is really upsetting sometimes to see the number of CNN.com TOP headlines devoted to the antics of Michael Jackson and Winona Ryder. But I guess the fact that I click on the stories even as I scorn them is answer enough to why they put them up so excessively.

On a side note, nice linkage job Anna.

by Linz at December 3, 2002 11:43 AM

LINZ---agreed. I personally will never allude to these self-absorbed, thieving a-holes again. As for the links, I just followed your tip to the tee. Thanks.

by annna at December 3, 2002 1:33 PM

I don't think there was a mom. By this point, Jacko's probably had enough surgeries to be able to impregnant himself. That, or since the new kid has the same name as the first kid, maybe they are clones? Maybe Jacko is building an army of clones, supposedly to defend the Federation, even though we all know in our hearts (and because we saw it in the sequels) that he is really trying to take it over and declare himself the Emperror of Pop. Or something.

by mg at December 3, 2002 10:20 PM

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