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Molly Ringwald Sounds Like an STD

by anna at 04:35 PM on December 29, 2002

Yes MG it will be different but just barely. For posting during the holiday lull is like a tree falling on a mime in a deserted forest. Who cares? All I've got to say is this: A beauty contestant (Miss New Jersey?) once lamented that, "All the good diseases are taken." As in, the ones they will champion and raise funds to combat---like pediatric AIDS, multiple sclerosis or the heartbreak of psoriasis. With pickings slim, she got stuck with something lame like gout or Molly Ringwald, and lost.

Alas, I've been searching all day for a link to prove this, without success.

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If the JETS lose and Denver loses, I might have enough money to incorporate BADSAM and then take it public! How about it MG? You a Pats fan yet? Mass publication, BADSAM will be a cashcow. The beginning of a media empire.

As for a good disease to have on your miss universe campaign: [CO] chronically offended.

by Lockheed at December 29, 2002 5:20 PM

molly ringwald in may be baby on vhs and dvd today

by at November 18, 2003 5:32 PM

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