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It's the Most Wonderful Time...of the Year

by anna at 09:00 AM on December 21, 2002

Hi, it's me. In keeping with the festive holiday spirit, I'm back with more innocuous fluff.

In professing to be a new BS fan, Danielle lauds what she dubbed the "post/comment dynamic" here. A sentiment I'd echo. I'd also point out that she wasn't alone in singing the virtues of MG's site. Shannon too admits that she "like[s] this site." Then again, she may be biased. As for Danielle, please let us hear from you anew.

My point is that comments form the lifeblood of any site of this nature.

Still, there are a few curious aspects I'd like to explore briefly. Ponderous point #1: A neophyte writer might try to steer commentary in a given direction, as I did to no avail in my latest post. To a person, everyone ignored my suggestion and went off on an ancillary tangent. And truth be told, the comment thread proved far more entertaining than the rather lame post itself.

Yeah, that's the beauty of said dynamic---its unpredictable quality. As Green Day once sung, "It's something unpredictable but in the end it's right."

I enjoy posting something only to wake up and find several comments that seem to appear magically overnight. Seems there are night owls accessing BS at all hours of the day and night. As you sleep, they point and click their merry way across the Web. Ah but then the volume wanes and soon peters out altogether. Sniff.

Not everyone obsesses this way. A more self-assured typist surely posts in much the same way a mongrel dog takes a steamy dump in your yard. Carefree he squats down, deposits his load and proceeds without a backwards glance.

But speaking strictly for myself, I'm grateful for whatever feedback I garner.

Ponderous point #2: This here forum boasts a loyal cadre of comment-contributors, including EvilTom (who's harmless as a slight case of AIDS to quote MG,) Lucy, Gil, Gordon, Shannon, Quicksilver, Adam, JC, Mr. Blank, Muad'Dib and more recently Douchenation-cum-Xenos among others. Not only are they articulate and learned about a variety of matters I remain ignorant of (e.g. hip-hop, spooning etiquette, old movies, Taoist dogma & douche techniques,) but each displays a unique viewpoint. Yet right when one believes they've got somebody more or less pegged, they throw a curve at you. Hence I've given up trying.

Ponderous point #3: In my short stint here, I've noticed a weird dynamic between regulars EvilTom and Linz. On occasion he'll direct all manner of saucy remarks at her, all in fun no doubt. She'll gamely retort, despite the fact that she claims she'd be frightened of him were he not MG's pal. I suspect this goes back a ways, but I'm far too lazy (tipsy?) to go rooting through the archives.

Well, here's a hearfelt shout-out to all who've bothered to comment on my prosaic, disjointed blather. And special thanks to Linz and Lucy for helping me master the link-adding thing. Also to Mr. Blank for his Bad Samaritan without a trace pointer. Ditto for our gracious host, who's abided much self-serving shenanigans on his site, while offering a helpful hint or two to this village idiot. More importantly, he's made dozens bust a gut laughing. Pregnant BS readers have been known to give birth prematurely and it serves 'em right.

Happy Holidays to y'all from the House of Anna. Enjoy yourselves. Enjoy others.

Jeez, I sound like Halle Barry blithering at the Oscar podium and I haven't won shit. Must be that cursed eggnog liberally spike with what Chines menus call "many kind rum."

Said House is the designated gathering/bickering place this year. Best straighten up the hovel lest my sister-in-law offer to mop our floor again so her infant doesn't contract some dreaded disease. Merry Christmas to everyone. Holla' atchou lata'.

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Well Halle--I mean Anna, allow me to do what you applaud [us] for and completely change the topic. I'll be gone for a day or so to visit my grandfather--probably for the last time. He's in the hospital and, knowing him, can't wait to croak. His wife (my grandmother, in case you're lost) of approximately 300 years died two years ago. My mother and I took him to the cemetary a while back, and he seemed thrilled at the prospect of being interred right next to her. That was my last trip to any cemetary; I don't need a tangible reminder of a lost loved one (well, not a huge marble stone and a tract of land anyway). Cemetaries suck, especially when you have to piss so bad you can taste it. When I die, toss me in the East River and use me as a kayak for all I care, but don't waste space burying me. Merry Christmas.

by douchenation at December 21, 2002 11:35 AM

I'd rather be strung up and frozen upside down like Ted Williams.

by Anna at December 21, 2002 12:34 PM

Or Frozen like Lenin(Vladimir the Bolshevik). Dear Douche, I'll make my own little gravestone for you, at the cemetary gates...

p.s. read ARK's recent comment, it's creepy, creepier than Lockheed herself.

by LOCKHEED at December 21, 2002 10:24 PM

Anna, you're posts are my favorite because you have wisdom of the experienced kind, and the reason why I don't comment directly about your posts is usually because their damn good, and I agree with most of them, whereas, the others, it's my duty to pick bones at those who's main priority is to Appease the Man. As I write this, I'm listening to T-Rex(get it on), and I gotta say, Anna, you're slim your sleek, you got the teeth of the Hydra upon you...you're dirty sweet and you're my girl... :)

by LOCKHEEDtoAnna at December 22, 2002 4:02 PM

[[[Lockheed...Lockheed...Is this some conspiracy?]]]
I hate Christmas--this site is less-active than Kathy Lee-Gifford on prom night. Unemployed... unemployable... waiting for the beer to get cold so I can get hammered. I wish they sold "Type-A personality" pills OTC. Thankfully, these random assemblages of text on BadSam I call friends keep me company. MG needs to write something funny FAST!!

by douchenation at December 22, 2002 6:13 PM

Oh, my. Would it change anything if I told you I was a guy with a burgeoning beer-gut? And thanks, Lockheed, for the props regarding my posts.

by Anna at December 22, 2002 6:15 PM

ha ha! it's funny 'cause it's true...

by JC at April 2, 2003 4:55 PM

Heh. JC thanks for digging through the archives and finding this comments. Wonderfully ironic, indeed.

by mg at April 2, 2003 6:53 PM

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