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Bah Humbug - Sort Of

by muaddib at 04:30 PM on December 24, 2002

I'm just not getting into Christmas this year. I did all the stuff I usually do. I got out there and looked for stuff for people and bought some of it. I've been to several parties. I've wrapped all my gifts - I've even exchanged a few already. But, whereas I usually get pretty well into Christmas, this year it's just not taking.

I'm pretty selective about presents. I won't buy a present just for the sake of buying one. I start my shopping weeks in advance precisely because I want to find just the right thing for everyone on my list. The list I start with, BTW, is always about twice as long as the list of people I actually end uo buying a gift. I have about a dozen friends for whom I'll get something if I find something or otherwise not. And they do the same with me, so it all works out in the end.

But I won't buy any present out of a sense of obligation. And perhaps that's why I'm not really into it this year - for all the time I put into it, I'm not all that pleased with what I found. The shops might as well have been as bare as East German bakeries for all the worthy gifts I was finding. I always get a big chunk of my gifts from Amazon, but this year I had to resort to eBay twice, the stores were so worthless.

Not that they all came up short. The Jesus action figure (with wheels for gliding action!) that I contributed to the work gift exchange went over very well. Mom's getting a new computer from my sisters and I, something she desperately needs. A couple of other people are going to be very pleased with what I got them, I'm sure. But there are too many that just feel like I copped out. And since it's the giving of the perfect gift that fuels my holiday mood, it's got me feeling Scrooge-ish.

But it's not a total wash: Receiving is nice, too, and one of my friends gave me a Playstation 2. If all else fails, I can just boot that up.

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Man, can I ever relate. That obligation-gift deal has got to stop. The problem is, what if they run across something for you and you don't vice versa. Then it's awkward.

by Anna at December 24, 2002 4:51 PM

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