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On the road again....

by northstar at 09:01 AM on May 14, 2002

Tomorrow, I leave to go on vacation. It seems odd to be thinking about a vacation, because that normally implies that one has a job that one needs a break from. I have no such encumbrances, but weíve had this trip planned for months, so call it what you will. Iím still getting the hell out of Dodge for a week.

The occasion is my 20-year college reunion, and Iím surprisingly excited about it. Itís a chance for me to catch up with people who were close friends 20 years ago. I really havenít seen any of them since, mostly because I was the one of those who took off for the four corners of the globe.

Iím interested in seeing where life has taken people. The stories ought to be interesting, if nothing else. One friend is an actor on Canadian television, one is a journalist, and others have followed some interesting and fascinating paths. Most have families, which frankly amazes me. I know weíre all of that age, but trying to imagine some of my friends as parents still stretches my imagination.

The hardest part for all of us will be remembering a friend killed in the attack on the World Trade Center. I will miss seeing Tim among us, as will we all. Our class is planting a tree on campus in his memory, and there will be many tears at the dedication ceremony, mine included. Death is a part of life, but to have someone taken from you in such a horrific manner is still a difficult thing to accept.

It ought to be an interesting week. Catch up with some friends, see some of my family, and just try to relax and enjoy life as much as possible. Since being laid off, there hasnít been a whole lot of relaxation or enjoyment for me, so it will be nice to have some time to decompress.

I also plan on taking a vacation from my keyboard, so there will be nothing from me for at least a week. Perhaps a week away will recharge my batteries, and perhaps I'll have something useful to say when I return. Until then, enjoy life, and remember that every day truly is a gift. Live it as if itís your lastÖ.

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