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Large men with big sticks....

by northstar at 05:04 PM on May 01, 2002

I know people who play golf their entire life in search of something elusive- a lower score, a hole-in-one, a perfect swing. I should know; Iím one of them. Itís not a sickness, but it certainly is a passion. Just to give you an idea, I actually tried to play 18 holes on my wedding day, but things didnít work out in the end. Perhaps it was because I was exhausted by the time the day arrived. Still, it would have been fun.

Itís a difficult thing to explain to someone who doesnít play the game. If you don't play golf, it is difficult to comprehend the beauty, the serenity, the challenge, and the insanely masochistic nature of the sport. Every now and then, though, there are days like the one I had on Monday that keep me coming back for more. I shot an 87, which was the first time I'd EVER broken 90. I shot a 40 on the front nine, and for a few moments I was thinking I might actually have a chance to break 80. It was a day when even my bad shots weren't disastrous, and if I hadn't missed a few putts by THIS MUCH, my score would have been even better. I've been playing the game since I was 11, and I've never had a day on the golf course like I did yesterday.

And that, my friends, is the beauty of the sport. I love the peace and quiet, the camaraderie, the fact that (most) people turn off their cell phones. People tend to be much more relaxed and civil on a golf course than they are in real life. I have never met anyone on a golf course who was anything less than pleasant to be around. Sure, some people deal with the adversity of the game better than others. Golfers, generally speaking, understand the importance of the etiquette associated with the game, and they respect the game and those who play it. This may sound silly and perhaps a bit trite, but if more people played golf, perhaps weíd all get along just a little bit better.

As for me, I can't wait to get back out there. I want to see if I can break 90 again, but I also just want to be able to experience again the peace and quiet I feel on a golf course. Itís something that there is far too little of in my life.

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That is silly and a little bit trite. If golf is so calming, what happened to Bob Barker in Happy Gilmore, bitch?

by mg at May 1, 2002 7:39 PM

In the UK, golf is still considered by many as a big boys club, elitist, only accessible to the wealthy and privileged. Although many clubs are trying to break down these perceptions and open up their doors to all walks of life, its proving a great task.
Only last week I organised a golfing conference and the majority of delegates were men in their middle to late years, and generally middle class.
The focus of the conference was to create partnerships between golf clubs and schools to ultimately encourage juniors into playing golf, and to incorporate it into the School curriculum.
This could impact enormously on the future of British golf, and eventually break down the long standing perceptions of golf and golf clubs in the UK.
I'm not a golfer but i do want to see 'doors' opening where once they were closed.

by emma at May 2, 2002 8:09 AM

I'd like to thank Tiger Woods for triggering a sequence of events, the end result of which is that the game of golf is no longer massively stigmatized. I played golf throughout high school and was chided to no end for it; from what I can tell, teenage folks have mellowed out a bit on that front.

(In completely unrelated news, I hit a hole-in-one once. The ball is still preserved in my mom's garage on a makeshift plaque I constructed for the occasion.)

by Antwon at May 2, 2002 5:35 PM

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