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1013's Bitch

by skits at 11:50 AM on May 16, 2002

I'm going to rant talk for a bit about last Sunday's episode of the X-files, "Sunshine Days". As many have noted, of course, the penultimate episode of the X-files was, of course, a "Monster of the Week" episode, and did nothing to clear up any of the mysteries that Chris Carter has presented us with over the past 9 years. Which brings me to this:

Um...has anyone at 1013 noticed that there is only one show left? 2 hours. 2 hours with which to explain 9 years of mytharc. 2 hours to give us "The Truth". Ahem.

I, for one, demand an explanation from Chris Carter for the following:
Black oil, green blood, black blood, supersoldiers, the bees, the corn, Samantha and her many clones, hybrid humans, the alien virus, the big spaceships in Africa and Canada from which mankind (apparently) began, those dudes without faces that were burning people up while they were waiting to be abducted (the Rebels?), smallpox innoculations, Jeremiah Smith, Scully's cancer, Mulder's abnormal brain activity, why the Lone Gunmen had to die--in fact, I want an explanation for that entire episode, because not only did they die, but they died for NO APPARENT REASON. Ass. Yeah, that's right, Chris. You are an ASS for killing them off like that. Could they not have at least gone out in a blaze of glory? And where the the hell was Scully during the entire episode? And why didn't she even look upset about their death? And--Where was I? I got off-track for a second there, didn't I? Sorry. My bad.
Back to the "explanation-needed" list:

Billy Miles, alien colonization, alien invasion, vaccines, viruses, alien abductions, government abductions, Samantha's abduction, implants, Emily (remember superovulation?), William the amazing telekinetic baby, and while, I've got William on my mind, Chris, would you like to tell me WHY we never knew Mulder and Scully were doing the wild thing? Don't you think that was a tiny little detail that the fans would have appreciated knowing at the time? Ass. I suppose Mulder told Scully that the Cigarette Smoking Man was his father OFFSCREEN, as well, since she didn't look in the least bit surprised to find out that Jeffery Spender was Mulder's half-brother. Ah, the pillow-talk we, the audience have missed. Why, I'll bet the entire mytharc has already been explained OFFSCREEN, hasn't it?

OK, back to my list:

Cassandra Spender--before being healed and after being healed, Gibson Praise, The Litchfield Project, the alien bounty hunter that keeps turning up, alien autopsies, shapeshifting aliens, big bug-eyed aliens, little tiny grey aliens, big monster aliens with sharp teeth and claws, alien fetuses, alien artifacts, the Syndicate, Alex Krycek, UFO's, whatever happened to Marita Covarrubias, what the hell is up with Skinner this season, what the hell were you thinking with Audrey Pauley and why you EVER thought hiring Moronica was a good idea.

Um, that's all I can think of for now. Did I miss anything?

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I haven't watched an episode of X-Files all year. I haven't watched regularly in three seasons. Basically, for all the reasons you list above. It became nothing but questions. Occasionally you need answers. Compare the last couple seasons (actually the shows entire run), to Buffy/Angel, or Alias, and you'll see why X-Files has failed. The other shows have created a unique universe and have propelled the storyline within that universe. They don't give answers to every question, but they do answer some. There are questions asked in season one of X-Files that have never been answered. Who has the patience to wait 8 years? Buffy/Angel is the best, with their one season myth-arcs. One year building up to a season finale where all questions are answered, next year they pick it up with the same characters dealing with the ramifcations of the previous season, but within the confines of the new arc. Good for them. Still, I'll probably watch the X-Files finale this weekend.

by mg at May 16, 2002 2:07 PM

I just finished watching all of Twin Peaks and it left me feeling the same way. After watching 30 episodes, I come to discover that the series was left unfinished. There should have been a season three but it never happened. There isnít even a book to finish the story. What happened to Leo? Who or what the hell is Bob? Is Agent Cooper doomed? At least with the X-files there is an ending, even if a lot of things go unanswered.

I bet there are so many holes in the plot that there is no way to tie it all up at the end so Chris Carter is just ending it.

by MrBlank at May 16, 2002 6:36 PM

They didn't know until midway through the season that they were ending it. Most of the rest of the seasons episodes were probably written already. So, the answers had to be stuck in to existing episodes, or all crammed into the finale? Or,maybe they are saving them for another movie?

I loved Twin Peaks. They actually should have stopped at the end of the first season. Though, Maddy's death scene (from season 2) is easliy the creepiest I've ever seen. The sad thing about TP is that if Lynch tried to make it today, it'd have an audience.

by mg at May 16, 2002 7:09 PM

mmm...Twin Peaks was awesome good, and the beginning of my huge HUGE crush on Kyle Maclaughlin--which lasted up until Showgirls. After that, the ick factor was just too high for me.

I don't think Chris Carter even knows the entire mytharc...it's just meandered down too many lanes at this point. I think he'll just try to clear up some of the major points, tell us where Mulder has been, and throw in a few kisses for the shippers. The End. I have very low expectations for the finale, so hopefully, I won't be disappointed. I will however, be glued to my set for the entire episode. I'll probably be bitching about it, but glued I shall be.

by skits at May 16, 2002 7:55 PM

I had to stop watching XF midway season 8 because it was getting way too painful to watch. Sadly, I think your questions will still go unanswered, after the series finale.

by Rattie at May 16, 2002 11:50 PM

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