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This is your brain on drugs....

by northstar at 05:59 PM on March 03, 2002

Random Thoughts:

1) Aren’t the phrases “Shrub Administration” and “shadow government” redundant? They both deal in smoke and mirrors, they’re both secretive and highly turf-conscious, and one or more members of each always seem to be in “an undisclosed location”.

2) Hindus killing Muslim, Muslims killing Hindus. Just another fancy chicken-or-egg question?

3) Liberals and Conservatives seem to be able to agree on one thing: getting information out of the Shrub Administration is like pulling teeth. This is still a free country, right??

4) More tapes from the Nixon White House have been released. Sorry, but if I want paranoia and self-delusion, I’ll watch “ER”.

5) People have been quick to decry the fate of the thousands of Enron employees, but what about the thousands of others who are laid off on a daily basis? Does anyone care about them, or are they simply old news?

6) Monica Lewinsky is now trying to tell her own side of the story. Will she need kneepads to do it??

7) Eleven years ago today, Rodney King was beaten by Los Angeles police. Too bad we haven’t learned anything in the meantime….

8) Now that Michael Jordan and Mario Lemieux have made successful comebacks, how long will we have to wait for Bill Bradley to lace ‘em up again??

9) Today’s Drudge Report has a story saying that terrorists have smuggled a 10-kiloton nuclear warhead into New York. Man, it’s got to be tough to haul one of those things onto the subway….

10) Greed and insanity on Wall Street? What, like this is something new? Where were all of you during the Reagan Administration??

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