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The War on Gardening

by eric at 04:00 PM on March 04, 2002

I'm listening to NPR's Talk of the Nation as I code some HTML today. I really miss the old host, Juan Williams. He was so damn down to earth. Neal Conan acts like such a prissy, spoiled snot.

Anyway, the topic is "writing about gardens."

That's like doing an opera about fishing.

The only thing worse that writing about gardens and gardening would be reading what people have to say about their precious gardens. That's got to be so damn boring it would make my eyes bleed. I'd sooner pass a stone the size of my thumbnail.

Neal broke into the normal broadcast to mention that right now, as they blathered on about how Thoreau ruined garden writing for so many, at this very moment, the biggest fighting of the War Against Terrorism is currently underway. American's are finally in a position where they might be dying in combat. CNN.com says 9 American's are already dead today, the most killed in combat since bombing started in October.

And now Neal is taking a call from a woman here in Massachusetts who says "This is a fabulous topic" and she's reading quotes from a book someone wrote about their garden and talk about how she loved The Secret Garden as a child (which I'd argue isn't really "garden writing" any more than JRR Tolkien's Ents are about forests, but why make it worse?)

So everything has changed since 9/11, huh? I thought that was all nonsense until today. Things must be different, because even stupid bullshit topics that can't possibly be increasing ratings are more important to broadcast than actual news.

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I've taken to never questioning the brilliance of National Public Radio. They probably figure that no one is listening anyway, so if they want to devote entire days to the wonders of paint thinner or whatever, no one will really care.

by jesus at March 4, 2002 5:19 PM

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