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thank you doctor zizmor

by mg at 08:27 PM on March 21, 2002

Normally, I'd hate to post up an AIM convo. But, for reasons that will quickly become apparent, I am not posting what I intended to write for today. I wasted all my wit and charm on the interview, and writing about the interview, and then a couple of long AIM convos. I've got nothing else to say today.

So, AIM log it is. Besides, for those who haven't instant messengered me yet, this will be an interesting look at another side of the original bad samaritan. Or something.

miss b: hi. how'd the interview go?

mg: it went well, i think

miss b yeah??

mg: yeah, it went well.

mg: i wrote something about it, but i signed a non discolusre agreement, and i'm not sure how much i can get away with

miss b: they liked you? you liked them?

mg: the guy said i was the oddball interview, i wasn't like the other people they had in

mg: that is either really good, or really bad

miss b: heh. right.

mg : well, he said even if i wasn't right for the one position, he might have a place for me, which is a good sign

miss b : that is very good. congratulations.

mg: hopefully

mg: it'd be a great chance

mg: so, since i signed an nda, and this company is supposed to be stealth, do you think i could post something about it if i don't mention the company or their idea at all?

miss b: i wouldn't. it'd make me too nervous.

miss b: but that's just me.

mg: i know. i'm nervous too

miss b: then don't do it.

mg: its a shame, because i already wrote the whole post

mg: before i started thinking better of it

miss b: you can always post it later maybe.

mg: i don't know what else to write about today then

miss b: i know!

mg: i've got all these partially written things that i don't have the heart to finish anymore

miss b : what was that thing i told you to write about?

mg: i don't remember. i was trying to think about what it was you said earlier

mg: and i couldn't

miss b: being a trendsetter.

mg: yes. right. how everyone steals from me

miss b: you can even say michele and i stole panic attacks from you.

mg: heh. i was the first to mention that.

mg: hey, has space had any panis attacks?

mg: maybe it was something we ate or drank

mg: or our waiter!

mg: he has some sort of mind control

miss b: penis attacks?

miss b: that waiter!

mg: jean luc!

miss b: hahahahahaha

miss b : space hasn't had any attacks though

mg : hmm. maybe it is space then!

mg: the bastard!

miss b: ugh

mg: my life was fine until i met him

miss b: i don't have anything to post either.

miss b: what am i gonna post????

mg: i don't know. i'm struggling myself

mg: if you do come up with something, you should write it for bs

miss b: that's a good point.

mg: it is. i do have a good point

miss b: alright. i'm going home now and i'll try and think of something.

mg: okay. you've got a train ride to think

miss b: thanks for your comment from today.

mg: well, no, thank you for saying what i've been struggling with saying too

miss b: i'm glad it had the affect that it has.

miss b: i mean, that it's resonated for people.

miss b: it's nit just about me.

mg: nope, it is nit

miss b: hehe

mg: its strange that everyone within this smaller part of the bigger community is going through the same thing

miss b: yes. but it probably has something to do with why we were drawn to this in the first place.

mg: did we come together because we all had this inside us, or are we causing it in each other. or does seeing it in another person, help it out of us?

mg: it would be an interesting pyschological study

miss b: for sure.

mg: i once did a linguistics paper on chat speak, but a pyschological study would be really interesting

miss b: i just don't want us to be stereotyped like that.

mg: well, i don't think you could be stereotyped

miss b: what ever would make you say that?

mg: i think some people don't have much substance to them. they can be made to easily fit into a stereotype. but there is more to you than that.

mg: i've read your site for months now, met you a couple times and talk on aim a lot, but i still don't think i know you. or ever could know you completly. thats what i meant.

miss b: that's interesting. i'm definitely not an easy person to know.

mg: i think the people i like in real life, and the people i love to read are that way

miss b: you strike me as being not unlike that.

mg: i hope i am.

miss b: i think you are

miss b: in fact, who the hell are you????!!!!

mg: i'm doctor zissmore

mg: or however you speel that

miss b: ew

mg: that second one was on purpose

mg: mostly

miss b: hehehe

miss b: okay. i gotta get out of here. i'll talk to you later.

mg: right. okay then, later doll.

miss b signed off.

PS: edited for brevity, and annotated for added value

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so does this count as one of my posts for bad samaritan?

by miss b at March 21, 2002 8:41 PM

Only if you'd have thought of it first.

by mg at March 21, 2002 8:43 PM

I'm not having any panic attacks. If I did, maybe I too would have something to post.

If I had any penis attacks, I'd probably stay quiet about that.

by space at March 21, 2002 9:27 PM

i want a penis attack!

by kd at March 22, 2002 4:51 AM

Maybe Space didn't give me my panic attacks, but he gave me that penis attack in that dream I had....

by michele at March 22, 2002 4:53 AM

you know, i think the terrorists put something in the water and the whole country is having panic attacks, but they're just not talking about it.

by lavonne at March 22, 2002 12:11 PM

The penis attacks, however, started well before 9/11.

by jadedju at March 22, 2002 12:40 PM

mine started on 9/15. 1972.

by miss b at March 22, 2002 4:11 PM

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