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Seeing the light

by emma at 05:32 PM on March 01, 2002

I was deeply troubled today to find this article, the images are truly disturbing. Obviously thats the point of the exercise except i'm not disturbed because i've taken on board the 'drugs are bad' message, but because i feel the photographs are used in an exploitative way.

Its not that i don't respect the difficult decision made by Rachel Whitear's parents. I'm certain that it took enormous courage to make the choice to publicise the photographs, and i must add that i don't think they personally are exploiting their daughter. The weight of that deed sits squarely on the shoulders of the media, and local/national government. It is they who are employing shock tactics and targeting the British youth (amongst others) as a means to discourage drug use. They want to send a message so stark and pointless that young people viewing these images will somehow, magically, realise the futility of drugs. I only wish it was that simple.

For Rachel Whitear, should there not at least be some dignity in death?

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This is frightfull. All I can say is, at least they are targeting a truely harmful drug. Heroin, Crack Cocaine, anything that slaps a huge physical hook of addiction on the user* ... these are the drugs that are evil and hard to break free of without outside intervention, once started.

I haven't had a joint in... well, decades... but I have always reacted badly to the whole idea that the first joint you take is your first step to hell. It just doesn't scan, in my experiance.

Your first blotter of Acid, however, may be your last...

*(feel free to add cigarettes to this list...)

by jenn at March 2, 2002 11:34 AM

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