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Public Grooming Strikes Again

by jasmine at 06:53 PM on March 15, 2002

If there is one thing that is high on my pet peeves list is public grooming. Not just fixing your hair that been messed up, or something to that extent. But the grooming that should go on within the confines of your home.

First example there is this girl in my 9.00 class who proceeds to put her "face" on each morning. It takes a half and hour, thats half a class hour each day. Imagine how many hours in her life she must spend putting on makeup. Makeup that makes her look quite dead.

My prime and second example happned yesterday in the same class, by a different girl. I assume that class got too boring for her so she proceeded to whip out her nail file, which I had no problem with. But next I know, she pulls out her fingernail clipper and starts clipping a filing right next to me. Not only was I grossed out, but I do believe that one of her thin, floppy, ugly nails flew on me.

I wanted to throw up, this was worse than the girls I see who use thier curling irons in the public bathroom. More worse than the people who pick thier noses while driving. Although not as worse the people who brush thier teeth in public bathrooms. These public groomers have no respect for the people around them, especially in close quarters.

They must be stopped.

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There was a guy once in one of my classes who used to fucking FLOSS HIS TEETH. I really wanted to kick his ass.

by Charles at March 16, 2002 6:50 PM

I once watched someone clip their nails in a restaurant - talk about gross....

I don't do it, but you are supposed to brush after every meal... where do you suppose they are supposed to brush? Most of us can't go home for lunch, right?

by jenn at March 19, 2002 1:23 PM

I've seen people clipping their nails on the subway. I've always had this theory about people in New York City. The place is just so large and their are just so many people that it becomes incomprehensible to imagine all of them. So, everyone living here imagines they are the only person around. Everyone else is just scenery, or possiblly robots. Since they aren't real, it is okay to do anything in front of them, pee, throw your garbage in the street, pick your nose, or public grooming. The end.

by mg at March 20, 2002 1:57 PM

Thank you for posting this article. I could not find a commentary on it on any etiquette site. For some reason, in the corporate world, in a land of cubicles - men must clip their nails. Several times a week. Why aren't people taught these basic civilities anymore? Don't they understand that this is not just their world - they need to consider the comfort of others.

by Veronica at June 3, 2002 2:19 PM

all this is a drop in the bucket compared to Tokyo. in the train "Ladies" can be seen putting on makeup from beginning of ride till they get off, using a variety of gooddies such as nail files, eyelash curlers, nail polish remover, etc, etc.... it`s a wonder to behold.

by tokyo joe at September 21, 2003 1:32 AM

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