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"Maybe we've redefined inhumanity...."

by northstar at 10:29 AM on March 08, 2002

This is almost too much to fathom: A woman in Ft. Worth left a homeless man to die after hitting him with her car at an intersection near her home. If that were as far as the story went, it would be a disturbing tale. Sadly, there is much more to this tale of cruelty and inhumanity.

The impact threw the man on the hood of the woman’s car, broke his legs, and sent his head through the windshield, where he was impaled. Now, most of us would have been horrified, but likely would have been able to find it within ourselves to help the poor guy. I suppose we would have at least call 911, right??

The woman, who had been drinking and using Ecstasy, decided to handle things just a wee bit differently. She drove the short distance home, and pulled into the garage. She then went inside, where she had sex with her boyfriend. The homeless man was left curled up on the hood, still alive, his head still impaled on the windshield. Over the next couple days, the woman checked the garage frequently to see if the man was still alive, all the while ignoring his pleas for help.

After the man died, the woman and some of her friends extracted the body from the windshield. They then placed the man’s body in the trunk of her car, and drove to a local park, where they dumped the body. Four months later, the police were finally able to put the pieces together.

The woman’s attorney is heavily involved in trying to convince people that his client is not a monster. He is telling anyone who will listen that she was just a “frightened young woman” who “panicked and made a wrong choice”. I’m sorry, but a caring, compassionate human being does not leave a man impaled on her windshield for two days, waiting for him to bleed to death so she can dispose of the evidence. Describing this woman as a “monster” is really quite charitable. While I’m no proponent of the death penalty, this crime fairly begs for it- and in the same manner her victim died.

"I want people to understand that he was not just a piece of meat," the victim’s mother said of her son. "He's loved and he was a kind and decent person. That's the main thing I want people to understand." He deserved better.

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Sometimes, you get to the point where you think nothing can suprise you anymore, nothing disgust you, and nothing could cause you to lose any more faith in humanity. And then something like this happens.

I know, if I hit some, while drunk and high, I might have sped away from the scene. But, the next morning I'd wake up sober, walk out to the garage and realize it all wasn't a dream and do something, anything, to help. I can't imagine anything more inhumane than letting a man slowly bleed to death in your garage. Mobsters, terrorists, serial killers - in my eyes, none of them have ever done anything as heartless. For what she has done, this woman deserves more than to sit in jail for the rest of her life. She desrves worse than to be killed painlessly. It's times like this when I question our forefathers, cruel and unusual is sometimes the only suitable punishment.

Yet, as much as this story bothered me, I still managed to treat it with the usual bad taste over at badsam.

by mg at March 8, 2002 12:43 PM

No kidding. On top of taking drugs, another poor choice, she managed to kill someone too. She is just a common criminal. She deserves at least 40 years. She knew what she did was wrong. Why was she checking the garage....to see if he'd freed himself. Obviously she was waiting for him to die. I changed my mind. She deserves life.

by claudia at March 8, 2002 1:51 PM

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