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Long Shelf Life

by jasmine at 08:20 PM on March 06, 2002

As much as I rave about the massive cuteness that is that cloned cat. I'm sort of against the genetic tinkering of animals, especially that sheep with the extra leg. But I actually own some bionic pets of my own in the form of goldfish, who shall remain nameless for the fact they are nameless.

These goldfish arrived to my home by way of my little brother who is five and won them at a carnival. We started off with 16 and slowly dwindled down to 2. These two goldfish have been living in a plastic fishbowl since for 7 months, living each day with each other and off of the nasty smelling fish flakes they seem to like so much.

Anyone else who has had goldfish as a kid knows that they aren't exactly known for having a long shelf life (I killed 10 off in one week). So this is why I am so amazed, they haven't grown at all yet they still live despite how long I may take to clean the tank. I think I'd like to go for the world record in goldfish keeping is there is such a record.

I want it.

Oh yeah, anyone want to name my fish?

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Are they boy or girl fish?

by mg at March 6, 2002 10:12 PM

How about naming one of them Fishy? I called my goldfish fishy. Years ago, there was a turtle in this pond. We put a bunch of goldfish in there. The turtle ate them all. It was kinda sad, but it's not like fish know when they're dying.

by jesus at March 7, 2002 1:26 AM

Goldfish can live up to forty years in captivity.

by jenn at March 7, 2002 10:56 AM


by jasmine at March 8, 2002 11:30 PM

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