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Let it Sun, Let it Rain, Just Don't Snow

by eric at 06:42 PM on March 25, 2002

I couldn't be happier, but the whining will start any minute.

We celebrated the first day of spring here in New England with a mini-blizzard that dumped 4 to 6 inches of the powdery white filth upon our homes, yards, streets. I know, because I had to drive in it. Twice. Then I had to shovel it.

I loathe and hate snow.

On the upside, this winter has been one of the mildest I've been through in this state. After just about every snow fall, and I admit there haven't been many, the snow has receded back like the Taliban defense, as the bizarre heat waves melt it into the ground where it belongs, with the moles and the grubs and the nightcrawlers. I do so love this global warming. It's the only Republican thing about me.

I've reveled in this lack of snow, thrilled to how nice my back feels with the lack of shoveling, been elated that I don't really give a shit if my lawn tractor with the plow even starts, since I don't need the stupid thing.

But soon it will begin, the comments:

"Oh, we're going to have a drought."

"The water table is so low from the lack of snow!"

"There's going to be a water use ban because we didn't get enough snow this year..."

To which I say good, god dammit. I'll gladly skip a few showers or only do the dishes every other day or only flush once a day if it means not having to put up with god-forsaken evil of snow!

Besides, I hate washing my car, too.

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You know, I've got this leak in my kitchen that has slowly progressed from "drip-drip-drip" to Victoria Falls. I can't be certain, but believe it is single-handly responsible for New York City's water shortage.

by mg at March 25, 2002 7:42 PM

I've never even seen snow. I don't know what it is. When I turn on a football game played in some God forsaken frozen hole and see a funny white substance falling from the sky, I have no idea what it is. Be proud of your snow. Think of it as a gift from heaven or some crap like that.

by jesus at March 26, 2002 2:03 AM

No gift from heaven should throw your back out as you clear said "gift" from the driveway so you back your car out hopefully before the bastard city plow deposits another 3 foot wall of the solid sludge at the foot of the drive...

Tho I will say this for snow: if it stays long enough, it covers up all the dog crap from last fall.

by Eric at March 26, 2002 9:47 AM

How come people who have never seen snow before always love snow? The snow is always whiter on the other side of the fence.

by mg at March 26, 2002 10:13 AM

I'll settle for rain right now... It's easier than hauling out the hose to water the garden...

by jenn at March 27, 2002 7:44 PM

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