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last man standing

by effenheimer at 06:44 PM on March 13, 2002

well my latest foray into romance is over. I spent the better part of saturday night diddling this chick I've known for about a month now and come Sunday moring could NOT wait to get rid of her. Now I know what you are thinking, what a typical misogynist male, use em and lose em type, right?

Well, not entirely. I started off with the best of intentions and honestly thought I was in the mood for a relationship. I did the phone calling thing and the sweet talking thing and the making plans to do it thing after the go out, see a movie and eat nachos thing, but in the end I realized that I just can't stand being that close to people.

I have loads of friends I am close to and would cut off my arm to help if need be, but this whole girlfriend out of the blue deal.

It all started when my newspaper gave its employees free personal ads to run in the paper on Valentine's Day. I thought, what the fuck, why not make a joke out of it. So I ran this: Ladies, is your biological clock ticking? Do you have low standards? Then call me at [my phone number].

It was cool. I got calls from high school girls and grandmas looking for the source of such an obvious attempt at humor. Oh sure, there was a freak or two and one person who thought she could take out all of her frustrations on the anonymous donor of this bit of humor, but overall it was just a good "I hate V-Day lark."

one of the calls was from Pam, this chick thought it was hilarious and just wanted to tell me so. turns our we went to high school togehter as well. Damn small town shit anyway. So we talked and decided to get together and 0f course she liked what she saw because you can see my picture... I'm hot.

One thing leades to another and she pissed me off the other night by trying to change me. like i need changed and like she can do it. fuck that shit. my personality, rank though it may be, is mine and nobody who has only known me for about a month has the right to change my ass.

more later.

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What a typical misogynist male. No, it could be worse. You could have hooked up with all those high schools girls (or, worse yet, the grandmothers).

by mg at March 13, 2002 8:06 PM

i agree with you, eff. strippers are a lot better. they don't try to change you. who needs love, anyway

by lavonne at March 13, 2002 8:53 PM

i love you guys ... sniffle... thanks for being there. surprised kd didnt sound off about what an a-hole i am. (LAUGH OUT LOUD! A-HA, AHAHAHAAAAAAA!)

oh, i'm in hell, lonely lonely hell... JUST KIDDING! life's been good to me so far!

by eff at March 15, 2002 1:00 PM

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