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I'm going back to bed now

by bornfamous at 07:01 PM on March 09, 2002

You know, some days it really doesn't pay to get out of bed. In fact, I'm seriously thinking about crawling back under the covers right now. But first, I must whine a bit.

For one thing, you wouldn't be able to read this rant on my site because I screwed up my templates in MT, so I'm posting it here. At the very least, you will no longer see the sidebar links there. I just wanted to switch to server side includes. I checked and checked, but I can't find the trouble. When one include worked, the other one broke. I have no idea why.

So I gave up and moved on to the next fiasco.

[Brief pause for mild screaming.]

Having succeeded at screwing up my blog, I proceeded to try to solve the mystery of my dead email address. I wrote several emails to the appropriate parties, asking for help. Turns out my former employer and host was hacked this week, but that doesn't seem to be the problem with the email and so far, nobody else can figure out what's wrong either. [I'm soooo glad, however, that they all know my tech skills aren't up to hacking, or I'd be the #1 suspect.]

With nothing accomplished for the day so far, I decided to tackle my long-delayed tech problems regarding BlogRadio, so I can record my partner, Adnan's daily reports from SXSW, if he ever gets around to calling me. He must be having a good time. That's a good thing because it ain't gonna happen, not for awhile anyway.

After spending $200 in bill money on a new minidisc recorder and mic [an investment in my soon-to-be revived radio career], I finally scared up the cash to buy some minidiscs. My rash was better by Thursday, so we took the bus to the mall Thursday and bought the minidiscs plus some blank cd's for my son's new CD-R. We splurged on Denzel Washington's latest movie and got home in high spirits.

But when we looked in the bag for our discs, we discovered they weren't there. I must have left the bag at the theatre.

Next day, back on the bus to the mall. No such bag was at the theatre's lost and found department. Back to Target to buy more minidiscs and cd's. And there was one bit of incredibly good news: when I mentioned losing the bag, the clerk told me to try Target's lost and found. It wasn't there, but they gave me a REFUND! I told the woman that I lost the bag, but she gave me my money back anyway because I had the receipt. [So let the be a lesson - never keep your receipts in the bag, always put them in your wallet. You never know, you never know. Oh yes - I love Target. Shop at Target; I strongly recommend Target.]

Back to bad news:

So I had my minidiscs and my recorder, and this morning I decided to read the manual. That's when I learned that I had misunderstood one critical piece of information: you can't transfer sound from the recorder to the PC, at least not with the connector cable I have. Yesterday, when we trekked to Target's electronics department, Radio Shack and even Good Guys, walking a couple of miles in the process, nobody had such a thing. I saw some Sony MD recorders that had USB connectors, so it appears that I spent $112.50 on the wrong recorder - at eBay, of course, so I'm not likely to get a refund.

Still, it's a good little recorder with CD quality sound [Sharp MD-SR60, plus stereo Sony ECM-MS907 mic]. I read that it's possible to transfer to PC using old-fashioned analog stereo cables - which I'll have to go to Radio Shack to buy if/when I get up the energy to take the bus over there again.

Oh - and those phone calls from Adnan? Hmm, how could I record them to PC? Adnan said awhile ago that I could just plug a line-in cable from the phone to the pc but I couldn't find the cable I bought for this purpose way back when. Then I recalled [duh!] that I could just hook the phone line directly into the old telephone modem that I haven't used since I got cable internet three years ago.

Now we were getting somewhere! But how to record the calls? I googled, got sidetracked on The Art of Prank Phone Calls, finally found free software, downloaded and installed it - or started to install it.

I got to "configure modem".

That's when I discovered that my old telephone modem is gone. Maybe there never was one on this computer. I never thought to ask when I bought it.

Of course, the old modem could still be on the old computer, which I gave to my son when I bought this one. But we just had it upgraded about a month ago, and I'm afraid to look.

It's been like that all day.

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well, i just looked at the back of my son's computer and the phone modem and line in jacks are there. phew.

not that i'm happy about having to record the phone calls and interviews on a different computer, which means i'll have to edit them there too. robby isn't going to like it either.

of course, i could move the modem... but like i said, i'm no techie.

by lavonne at March 9, 2002 7:56 PM

Not that I'd like to do Target any favors, but they are very, insanely good about returns. I worked there for several years, and people would come in all the time to return things. Things they didn't have receipts for, things we didn't even sell, things they bought (like a snow shovel), used, and then returned because they didn't need it anymore (spring!). I've even seen people walk into the store, pick something up off the shelf, and walk directly to customer service to return it. So, I wouldn't encourage you to shop at Target, but I would encourage you to abuse their liberal return policy.

by mg at March 10, 2002 1:39 AM

yes, target has a wonderful return policy but they do require receipts now because it was so badly abused. i never thought they'd give me a refund for losing something!

by lavonne at March 10, 2002 11:47 AM

ahh, yes, Target's return policy. i may be one of the reasons they tightened that up.


by kd at March 10, 2002 8:33 PM

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