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i think god must be mad at me for not unwrapping his presents

by mg at 12:58 PM on March 19, 2002

Take yesterdayís post how you will.

I probably meant something by it at the time. In fact, Iím sure I did.

Maybe it is about a girl. Maybe Iím getting my chain pulled and Iím sick of it.

Maybe you should replace the word ďyouĒ with the word ďblog.Ē I fall in and out of love with this stupid pastime more than I ever have with any person.

Maybe it isnít about any of those things. That is the crazy bit about ďart,Ē whatever the author may have intended, each person checking it out will have their own interpretation. Itís called an open reading.

So, Iím not going to explain anything. I probably should, but I donít feel like it. I donít feel like explaining much of anything lately. Iím tired of making sense of things, because life just doesnít make any damn sense. Great thinkers, prophets and pot-heads have spent entire lives in deep meditation, and none of it has gotten humanity anywhere.

Iím tired of thinking so damn much. I want to look without leaping. I want to do something stupid. I want my brain to shut off.

Which is why you havenít seen me around much. All Iím doing is blindly sending out resumes, watching movies, and playing with my palm pilot. And when I say palm pilot, that isnít even a euphemism.

Iíve been planning and scheming my whole life, and look where it has gotten me. Seemingly the same place I would have gotten if Iíd done nothing at all. So, from now on, Iím going to do nothing at all. Letís see what happens.

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heh, i know what you mean. last week i decided the same thing. i started sleeping as much as possible because at least my dreams are interesting and pleasant, even though i can't recall them when i do have to wake up. at least i'm well rested now.

by lavonne at March 19, 2002 4:07 PM

i tried sleeping as much as possible, because drinking as much as possible wasn't working. now i'm just being all sick and my brain is puffy.

i'm sick and tired. something going around then. more than just the germies.

by kd at March 20, 2002 1:19 AM

If you are curious, since making the decree to do nothing, something bad happened, and something kind of good happened. I'll let you know what each of those things are soon enough, but for now, it seems my new life is still par for the course.

by mg at March 20, 2002 7:03 PM

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