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blog affective disorder: an introduction

by mg at 01:03 PM on March 05, 2002

Well, I hate to say it once again, but things are unbelievably slow here right now.

The only grace in this situation is that things seem to be unbelievably slow everywhere else too. Sites are closing up right, left, and sideways. Lots of other sites (not going to mention names) have been posting infrequently, terribly unentertaining, or just downright sucky recently.

What exactly is going on here?

Is it the death of blogging as we know it? Is it just Blog Affective Disorder, hitting numerous people all at once? Is it just that we all need to go out an get a real life?

I donít know. If I could figure out what was causing this, I could find a cure. Then Iíd market the sure by sending out lots of spam emails, and buy a ton of pop-up ads. Itís almost lucky that I canít figure out a cure, because Iíd hate to be as universally hated as those X-10 camera guys.

So, what to do?

While some people have closed up shop, others have been plugging away in spite of their complete inability to be entertaining. I donít think I could close up the site. I tried doing that a couple months ago and it didnít take. Quitting blogging is harder than quitting smoking.

They should make a patch.

But, until they do, Iíll be sticking around. Iíll be posting everyday whether I want to or not. Youíll either be amused or you wont. I guess thatís what it comes down to. Just stick with this until everything works itself out.

I remember back in school, this time of year would always be the worst. Back when I was in elementary/high school, there wouldnít be a day off from the end of January until June. Time drug by like I was approaching the speed of light on a big wheel (ha, a physics joke!). This was the time when I took the most ďmental health daysĒ (my mom was cool about that), or when Iíd just cut class (my mom was not cool about that, not that she ever found out).

In college, weíd get a nice break for spring break, but I never made it to Key West, so that hardly counts as a vacation as all. Iíd get back to school the following Monday, quietly fuming as each student walked into class tan and relaxed.

Last year, I was unemployed, this year, Iím unemployed again. Seems a perfect time for a vacation, yet, one thing nags in the corners of my mind about hopping a plan to the Virgin Islands Ė are they actually virgins, or like all those teen porn sites, merely 40 year-olds wearing pig-tails?

No, wait, that isnít it. What really nags at my mind is whether I 1) deserve a vacation and 2) can afford a vacation. I wont deign to answer the first question, but I definitely know the answer to the second. I can not afford a vacation. My brief freelance assignment helped me pay off my bills, and even get ahead on some, but I canít go dropping a couple grand on air travel and hotel stays, even if I can buy a 14 year-old Thai girl for 520 Baht (US$ 12).

So, the point is, Iím stuck here, and you are stuck with me, unless you leave. Which you shouldnít. Because, though things suck now, come May or June, theyíll be much better.

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i guess that's why i'm not worried about this dry spell. it's only natural to run out of material from time to time, whether it's seasonal or just that time. definitely take whatever vacation you can afford. we all need to replenish the well.

by lavonne at March 6, 2002 12:38 AM

ok, ok, i had some extra nonsense left over this evening and i posted. but i always feel self-conscious about nonsense, since i still remember being admonished to Ďhave something to say when you sit down to write for bad samí.

of course you said this back when you thought i was a creepy stalker and the only way to keep me at bay was to give in to my demands to let me post here. and now you know just how bitchin' i really am, so this should all be ok, ok?

jeepers, me and this beer. annoying, aren't we?

by kd at March 6, 2002 1:42 AM

I didn't learn a new word today, but for some reason the word "acrimonious" keeps floating around in my head and I don't know why. Inspiration has been thin on the ground recently, and going to classes (erratically) has been sucking up all of my energy. Not that I'm a bad samaritan, but there's something about this time of the year. A couple of hundred years ago, early Spring would've been the "starving time", when the Winter stores were almost depleted but there weren't yet any crops to harvest. Perhaps we're experiencing something like that.

by westernexposure at March 6, 2002 2:24 AM

It's the time of year, I think, when seasonal depression tends to kick in for a lot of pepole. Combine that with a shitty economy (no posts about cool new gadgets or fun trips, just depressing job hunts) and not much going on in pop culture (the lifeblood of most weblogs) and you create a blogging dry spell.

Right now feels like this time in 1991 to me. We'd just finished the gulf war, I had just graduated from high school, the job market was shit, the music on the radio was shit, and I couldn't go to college since I needed to get a full time job to have money coming in. Everyone I knew felt empty and sad.

That time gave birth to groundshaking changes in music and youth culture. We went from hair metal on the radio to Nirvana. The Internet was starting to get popular with my friends who had connections in college, and I started using local BBS systems.

I like to think that these few months are the gestation of new and interesting things on the horizon, much like the shithole of 1991.

by Xkot at March 6, 2002 6:38 AM

Would it make people feel better if I posted about my cool new gadgets and fun trips that I've taken recently?

by Tom at March 6, 2002 8:19 AM

Ok, ok, so when I'm full of cold medicine I sound even more shallow than usual.

by Xkot at March 6, 2002 1:47 PM


by AReK_5by<? ech at August 26, 2003 8:56 AM

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