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...a subversive, anti-capitalist, anti-free enterprise philosophy...

by northstar at 04:42 PM on March 26, 2002

David Michael Smith was granted tenure yesterday at the College of the Mainland in Texas City. Normally, such information would be beyond mundane, but Smith is an avowed and outspoken Marxist, and there are those in hide-bound south Texas who are very frightened by Smith’s beliefs.

One critic had this to say: "I believe his views and philosophy are incompatible with a public institution of higher learning….It seems clear to me that Dr. Smith espouses a subversive, anti-capitalist, anti-free enterprise philosophy that I believe is out of place in a public institution of higher learning and is detrimental to the basis of our freedom in this country….There is no doubt there is a large number of the staff of the College of the Mainland that is very liberal, which is a shame, but I think Dr. Smith is moreso than any others and is a leader of the left-wing agenda that many at the College of the Mainland oppose….Dr. Smith is an admitted Marxist and has written extensively of his beliefs and his opposition to U.S. government policies and to American culture in general."

Of course, my first question is why being liberal is such a shame, but this is rural Texas, where narrow-minded conservatism is the norm, and a respected one. (Just try running for any political office as a Liberal Democrat. I dare you.) What the hell is “the left-wing agenda”? Is Smith going to tie up Republicans and throw Emma Goldman quotes at them??

I also fail to see why opposition to US government policies is defined as something just short of heresy. Unless I miss my mark here, this country was founded by people who left England because they wanted to be free for practice their religion as they saw fit, since the English government would not allow them to do so at home. There have always been people opposed to government policies in this country. Opposition is a way of life here, and a healthy one for a democracy. That is hardly news, and it certainly isn’t a crime.

No, the real problem here is a narrow-minded, fearful minority who view anything less than blind acceptance of government policy as anti-Americanism. All David Michael Smith is “guilty” of is presenting his students with an alternate viewpoint. Teaching someone to think and ask questions should be rewarded, not penalized.

To all of those who opposed Smith’s tenure, crawl back into your caves. Or better yet, move to Afghanistan. The Taliban (what’s left of it) will love you.

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In my undergraduate department the ones who weren't avowed Marxists were the odd ones out.

As for Republicans, I think there was one in the History Dept. Oh, yeah, there was also that one guy in the Math Dept., but he left.

by Muad'Dib at March 26, 2002 9:03 PM

where is this college taught by wooly marxists and frequented by crazed feminazis and gay hippies that you always hear conservatives shrilling about in the "liberal-controlled" [ha ha ha ha ha ha ha] media? because i want to go to that college. i have yet to find it. okay...maybe u.c. santa cruz. but good luck getting a job after going there...except as a t.a. at u.c. santa cruz. what these conservative fraidy cats worry so much about appear usually to be these tiny private colleges where people are free to create their own majors such as "the patriarchal opression of underwire bras in western civilization"...stuff that doesn't go at your average state or community college, because no one would take the class. meanwhile, every state and community college i have visited, and i have visited many, seems to have numerous "pro-life" information tables with huge photos of mutilated fetuses, campus crusade representatives, young republicans, etc. to balance out the various tofu-intoxicated liberal campus organizations. it's really a matter of population size. a small campus of people who read too many books versus a large campus of people who drink to much beer and maybe read more than the average amount of books. i think people should just relax and be glad that their kids are in school at all. maybe then they'll read the paper, and vote.

by fertile_jim at April 8, 2002 6:55 PM

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