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3 Minute Blog

by shar at 07:56 PM on March 06, 2002

Had a pretty kick-ass weekend, the kind that should make me extremely depressed afterward, but somehow, I'm okay. I think it's because I'm getting over a cold.

Anyway, went and visited Space and crashed at his deliciously yellow apartment. I brought him barley tea. He brought me Cowboy Bebop. Took off for central Iowa, where I stayed up all night, got hammered (like, drank from 10pm until 8am the next morning), did a drunken radio shift, lost indie rock points (played plenty of A*Teens, Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, etc.), hung out with an ex, had brunch with Snaggle (why the hell aren't you posting?), and met a deliciously cute boy that I had a crush on for ages. Mmm, crushes.

Three minutes are up. For the first time in a long, long time, I feel good about where I'm at. I hope I'll feel the same way tomorrow.

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