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three minute weekend update

by mg at 12:28 PM on October 01, 2001

This weekend was all about various forms of stimulation.

On friday me and amanda decided we'd do a little stimulating... of the economy. We shopped for a bit, she bought some clothes, more clothes, and yet more clothes. I bought nothing (which is only to be expected considering I don't have any money). Then we went out to dinner, stimulating our tasts buds with one of the finest meals I've head in a while.

On saturday, I got together with a couple friends, and did a little oral stimulation... as we debated what kind of drinks we'd get after dinner, caffinated or alcoholinated. We ended up getting desert. I guess it is a sign of getting old that we all choose cheesecake over beer.

On Sunday, Amanda had other plans, so I did a little stimulating of my own... as I attempted to learn CSS for the design of Bad Samaritan: Year Two. Our official anniversary is on Wednesday, but the new design probably wont...


... I guess you'll have to wait till Wednesday to find out what the new design won't be. You are all at the edge of your respective seats, I know.

Here are some new recruits to the Three-Minute Blog © army:

lavonne @ born famous

toc @ the other cheek

And kd from surreally weighs in with her second and third (in which she discusses getting her google adjusted) Three-Minute Blogs ©.

Viva la three minute revolution! Have a 3MB© of your own? Let me know.

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Way to go! 2 years is a freaking long time in internet years. Good job. 3 years? I think that officially makes you a relic. Hell, I've gone through 3 sites in 1 year. You guys rock.

by MrBlank at October 1, 2001 11:35 PM

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