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osama bin laden pole dance picture of the day

by mg at 11:21 AM on October 01, 2001

Google and Yahoo are fickle mistress'. Bad Samaritan has spent the last several days experiencing the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat at the hands of the "Osama bin Laden" search engine sweepstakes. When Google loved me all I wanted to do was sing a song and wave a flag. Then Google turned a cold shoulder to me and all I wanted to do was take an anthrax shower without a gas mask. When Google loved me again and for a while jokes seemed funnier, the weather warmer, and AOL connect times faster.

Well, we've now seem to fall out of favor again. Oh Google, why have you forsaken me so?

I feel like a pair of used underwear for sale on eBay. And not someone hot's underwear. No, you aren't getting Jolene Blalock's panties, but Tom Arnold's skid-marked tighty whities.

Ah, well.

As President Bush says, the only thing to do now is carry on with our lives and jobs. It is time to get back to our daily rituals; like the Osama bin Laden naked picture of the day.

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wherre is the pic

by hihi at October 21, 2001 7:06 PM

This is bogus! I came here for the naked pics of Osama bin Laden.

Has anyone seen the one with bin Laden naked, bending over a chair with the Empire State Building going up his butt? I saw it on someone's car window and figure it HAS to be from the Internet..

by Linda at October 26, 2001 10:40 PM

waste of time this is! were's the picture??

by toni at October 27, 2001 8:43 PM

Did you geniuses try clicking the link?

by mg at October 27, 2001 10:55 PM

no pictures? id rather be at another site!

by stupid at November 6, 2001 8:54 PM

Click on the darn link on the top of the page that says "Osama bin Laden naked"

by WWF at November 7, 2001 10:04 AM

that be real dirty i dont want to see that

by thatsjust at November 7, 2001 6:48 PM

that's nasty you sick bastards wanting to see that dirty taliban horse shit Osama in the nude? SICK!

by nasty at November 9, 2001 4:48 PM

How 'bout George w. Bush naked picture? you all have one?

by Noneed2know at November 12, 2001 2:52 AM

I need to sell my stamp out terrorists tshirts. The design is cool.. has a p poem on the back and my drawing of bin Laden on front. Cost is $10.00 and with postage total is $13.50

by TAS Pineda at November 16, 2001 8:32 PM

fuck al l of you you stupid americans...You can all suck my camel dick...Bush is a fag!

by bin laden at December 5, 2001 12:06 AM

No right clicky ???


just hit printscreen

fuck you fuck copyright!

by twat at December 13, 2001 7:30 AM

don't know why SOME people can't find the pics...must be completely stupid. As for the pic, c'mon now, you can't do something a litlle more tastefull? I mean, who wants to see a naked girl on a pole with the face of bin laden? Try to be a little bit more realistic, you can find comedy in reality. TRY HARDER SO PEOPLE CONTINUE TO VISIT YOUR SITE!!!

by sherry at December 29, 2001 1:03 PM

you are dirty

by emmanuel lozano at January 15, 2003 3:16 PM

Check out this osama song..

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by Pita at March 23, 2003 2:31 AM

george w bush wil fuck osamabinladen

by at August 25, 2003 2:35 AM

Dat is a nyc pic bt Osama better in real lyf..

by James at February 18, 2005 12:15 PM

I love Osama and if someone were in my counytry threatening it, I'd be trippin too. I hope before it is all over , I get to meet his goergous self.

by somia laden at February 3, 2006 4:02 PM

It is September 11th 5 years later, and Osama is still a faggot on the loose, probably fucking his camel and masturbating to pics of his dead HiJackers who now burn in hell, and when I have passed from this world, I only hope I can get a glimpse of their eternal pain and bloodletting as they all recive anal rapes fom Satan himself. Let those camel jockeys take their squabbles up with the politicians, but the inocent hard-working people, like my own father and my other family, had nothing to do with it, and neither did the passengers on those planes. The biggest mistake our president has made is not turning the Middle east into a landfill, or more of one than it already is.

If you are pro-Bin Laden and think my father, myself, and other NY workers deserved this tragic end, than perhaps you can join him in Hell when he goes there, after his dialysis machine short circuits in his precious cave bunker. He'll die, and all his worthless sympathizers will too one day, and no one will shed a tear. Islam should wake up and either stand with or against him once and for all, so that soldiers know who to place in their cross hairs.

by Pavo at September 11, 2006 9:24 PM

osama is a liberator he will soon wipe off AMERICA from the wolrd map. VIVA OSAMA, GIVE BUSH HELL

by jah at October 5, 2006 11:23 AM

I will wipe jah from the Bad Sam map. You dick, can't you even spell world? Did you read the poignant prior comment? Hope you're dead.

by anna at October 5, 2006 8:56 PM

Click on the DAMN link!!!!!!!!!! SHEESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Sheesh at July 30, 2007 5:27 AM

Click on the highlight bit for the pic !

by Andrea at October 2, 2007 10:34 AM

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