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You know you also want to do what we get to do.

by zia at 05:16 AM on September 07, 2001

Why menstruating is as enjoyable as anything else that are not:

- You get to tumble out of the car instead of using the more conventional way. Thanks to the cramps.

- You get to change pads more often than you change your knickers. Which is good since you can't afford enough knickers to keep up with the 2 per hour limit.

- Nude girls on TV doesn't seem appeal anymore. Impaired desire, horniness goes south when cramps beat up all your horny hormones. You rather spend time reading your textbooks instead. Too bad its just only once a / two month thing. Otherwise, I could been brainier than I am right now.

- You get to pee Ribena. Eye freshener in the bowl...

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several days a month, i wear a handful of ketchup packets inside my undies. sometimes the packets burst and give me a funny feeling in my pants. but i'm sure to not wear white on the ketchup days.

by Tom at September 7, 2001 3:29 PM

For a more complete experience, Tom, you might want to try a tampon in your butt.

by kd at September 7, 2001 4:06 PM

Hahaha...kd so cartoon...oops, excuse the baby language.

by zia at September 7, 2001 10:11 PM

Crazy chicks are hot!

by Charles at September 8, 2001 1:06 AM

and the best thing of all is that you never know just exactly when it will strike. Will it be at work? the supermarket? the gym? the suspense and excitement of it all is simply thrilling, isn't it?

by suey at September 11, 2001 11:52 AM

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