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Welcome back to your cell... the inmates have missed you

by snaggle at 11:43 PM on September 03, 2001

Snaggle life update : School has begun and you know when youíre up late on Tuesday, the second day of school, that itís going to be a rough semester.

Graphic Design has already started kicking my ass. I suppose I knew exactly what to expect, but still... itís different when youíre actually doing it. My archnemesis, Sleepiness, is once again rearing his ugly head and preventing me from being the stellar student I know I am deep down. Itís odd starting a program when youíre a senior and everyone else around you are sophomores. Itís not quite as bad as being in freshmen-level classes, but thereís still a good amount of naïvité that can be annoying — and at the same time, it can be sweet. Itís refreshing to see youthful dreams and aspirations. Itís scary when youíre already seeing those around you and those you knew begin to put their dreams on a shelf along with their photo albums and memories. Iíd like to think that everyone ends up where theyíre supposed to... yet it keeps me up at night. What happens to those like me who, instead of having one driving dream keeping you pushing towards one goal, you have multiple little goals and more a sense of where you want to be than any real idea of what you want to do with your life. By now, most people my age around me have decided on their life plans, have been pursuing a degree towards it, and are 9 months away from entering the real world. And here I sit, starting over. My dreams have always been vaguer than most.

The fact that Iím steeped in a university atmosphere most definitely comes out right now. I have very little exposure to people my age who arenít in school and I canít fathom not being in class right now. Though school is bent on kicking my ass every five minutes, I canít imagine September coming around without grumbling about classes and classwork. Thereís something comforting about the rigidity of a university schedule that keeps me going.

Sorry I havenít been posting much. I know I owe you a few. I promise... sometime soon Iíll post regularly.

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only four months out of school, and

i'm quite disillusioned with the real world already. i had my suspicions, but now i know for certain that being a slave to corporate america sucks. i don't want to staring at a computer screen all day long in a tiny cubicle. i don't want to have a career already. i don't want to complete a professional development plan every six months for the kind folks in human resources. so here's my advice: stay in school as long as possible. once you leave, all you have are nostalgic leftovers.

by andrew p at September 4, 2001 1:00 AM

Ahh Snaggle the fears of the Senior~! Hang in there bud, it will be just like Andrew said and then you can feel so ahh soooo AMERICAN??? haha No really, enjoy this year and if you can go for that masters babe! Stay in school as LONG as they will LET YOU! :0)

Thanks for joining us too btw, we do NOTICE when your not around!

by Pristine at September 4, 2001 12:55 PM

Don't worry about us, chico. Concentrate on your studly... er, studies. *kiss*

by Lilly at September 4, 2001 7:05 PM

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