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they can't all be winners

by mg at 06:55 PM on September 20, 2001

Checking my logs I noticed that Bad Samaritan, remarkably, has topped nine hundred hits a day every day in the month of September. Except for a couple days at the begining of the month. But, other than those three or four days at the beginning of the month, nine hundred hits, every damn day. It was actually closer to or above one thousand hits a day for most of those days, and I probably should have just said "We've gotten a thousand hits a day every day in the month of September" since that is way more impressive sounding, and it isn't like any of you could check, but, like I've said before, I'm way too honest for my own good sometimes.

Anyway, even nine hundred hits a day is pretty amazing. Considering, this site was up for almost three months before it got nine hundred hits total, I'm happy as a clam.

Speaking of clams, our friends over at Loverís Caught on Tape are donating 10% of their profits to the American Red Cross for victims of the NYC and Pentagon tragedies. I know you've been waiting month and months, just looking for a good reason to buy some porn. Now youíve got that reason!

Like, sure, you could donate your cash to some yammering celebrities looking for screen time. But how does that even compare to donating cash to relief efforts AND getting to watch some girls gone XXXtray crazy (during spring break, no less!) or sexy naked fishing trips.

Sure, youíll still be as big a pervert for ordering the video today as you would have been a month ago. But now, when you watch one of the videos you'll know that warm feeling you're having isn't just the jizz shooting everywhere - it's your heart, overflowing with kindness and good will toward all men and women (or both, depending on how you swing).

So, yeah, just go buy a video.

Its strange to realize, but about a week ago I was crowing because the webring I started, ameriBLOGs, had just topped twenty members. I'd started the ring back in March, expected it to grow a lot quicker, and at one point even thought about disbanding it. Then, some crazies flew a plane into the side of a building last week and people decided that it was okay to be an American again.

Good for them!

The people who are proud to be American, not the people who flew the planes into buildings. *Ahem*

The ring is now up to 41 members. You should go here and visit every single one of the sites in the ring. And if you run a U.S. based weblog, journal or e/n site, you should join up. I check up on all the sites before I add them and it is interesting to note that they aren't all just right-wing nut's like me. There are also some pansy-ass liberals too. Everybody can be proud to be American, even if you don't necessarily agree with everything your government does.

There should be some sort of segue here, but I couldn't think of anything good.

It got buried in the flood of post-apocalyptic postings, but I made an offer last Monday to link up anyone who asked me to, whether I like your stupid site or not. In light of a recent Hapsburgian thread at Surreally, I am looking to link up (and just read) sites that aren't already linked up by anyone else that I am linked to now.

Not that I don't love all my friends, I just feel like I'm in rut. I don't feel like I've discovered any new sites in ages and I know there have to plenty out there to be found. So, if you run I site that maybe isn't that big or linked up by a lot of people or you know of a site that I probably haven't heard of, then you should drop me an email! I ain't no slashdot, but I can guarantee you a pretty good amount of traffic and you'll be helping me out of my rut too!

Speaking of ruts, this site is supposed to be interactive. Comments are good. I like comments. But I also like emails. I know I'm pretty unapproachable, but feel free to drop me email whenever you want. I love hearing from people. You know, some webmasters even get fan signs. But I hardly even get emails.


Hey! You know what is amost better, but probably closer to being equal in goodness to just plain email? Submitting questions to bad advice or potential studs to Samaritan Stud de la Semana (semana? ha!). But also emails.

Ugh. This is probably one of the most boringest posts ever to be ... posted here at BS and for that I apologize. Isn't it amazing how long I can write, even if I've got absolutly nothing to say? Ugh, I've got nothing to say now, so I'll stop soon, but hey, if you want to be entertained, you should check out Dream Log. I was recently added to the ranks of dreamers over there and I just posted my first dream a little earlier today. My dream involved cats, DVD porn and Amanda's parents. You should go there now and analyze my dream. I'm going to end now, but I would really just like to say "dream" one more time in this paragraph.

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It's great to see that this place is doing well, but realy, do those porn links make you any money?

by Josh (MrB) at September 20, 2001 8:14 PM

Not really, but Eric at Lovers Caught on Tape really is our friend. He found my site way back in the day, and was nice enough to link me. From his porn site, which sent massive amounts of hits to the then tiny bad samaritan.

he never asked for a link in return, but i gave him one anyway. it wasn't until much later that i decided "hey, i've got him linked anyway, i might as well try to make some money off this arrangement." Not that I have made any money, but hey.

by mg at September 20, 2001 9:01 PM

But now, when you watch one of the videos you'll know that warm feeling you're having isn't just the jizz shooting everywhere - it's your heart, overflowing with kindness and good will toward all men and women (or both, depending on how you swing).

Best. Quote. Ever.

by Charles at September 21, 2001 3:35 AM

*sniff* I like this rut. What's wrong with this rut? nothing, that's what's wrong with it - nothing at all. It's a lovely rut, you should try living with no rut at all for long periods of time. The rutless existence is stressful, it wears you down. You learn to treasure the rut. The rut is warm, cozy, reassuring.

It's like -- it's like shoes. When you're young and angsty and on the make (& are a girl, or just dress like one), you wear these horribly painful high heels because they make your legs look better and that seems to matter at the time. Then you settle down & discover that a nice pair of airy Nikes with good arch support gives you every bit as much pleasure as the sex you were trying to get wearing the fuck-me shoes.

Oh, I wish that made sense.

by kd at September 21, 2001 2:39 PM

WOW, other woman actually use shoes to compare shit? COOL!

by Pristine at September 23, 2001 1:13 AM

This guy uses shoes to accent his outfits.

by ethereal at September 24, 2001 11:23 AM

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