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Stud De La Semana: Andy Pressman

by lizard at 12:43 AM on September 08, 2001

Perhaps we should call this feature "Stud de la Mes", since it's been that long since we've honored a stud. That name would be an appropriate play on words for this week month's stud, Andy Pressman of ohmessylife.com. Get it? Mes - messy? Ok, not funny. In any case, Andy is a hottie even on a bad hair day. He also has the ability to inspire his readers to write reams of comments with only a nine word post. He also has an army of robot minions, so obviously this is a stud that should not be trifled with.


Well, it seems Andy has gone and done what I am thinking of doing. Difference being, of course, that Andy goes to The Cooper Union. Yes, that Cooper Union.

Yet another reason why Andy is not a stud to be trifled with. He'll draw yo' ass into a sling.

Oh Messy life was one of the first blogs I ever read. At the time, I was a little hazy on the concept, and I even felt a little dirty. Should I be reading this? What happens if I ever actually meet this guy? However, now that the whole blog thing is petasus tritus, it makes a bit more sense.

Now that I'm a real design student, too, I can empathize a bit more with some of Andy's words and troubles. "Oh Messy Life" could very well describe my life, as well. Plus I have a thing for websites that use a person's handwriting. I had a cute site once with handwritten titles and stick figures, but I took it down for some reason.

And now, loyal readers, it is time for Bad Samaritan Snaggle to return to the graphic design work he should have been doing all this time. Wish me luck.


Why do I love Andy Pressman so? Is it because he likes the rock and roll? Is it because he's laid in glue for the sake of art? Is it becuase he's done his time with college radio?

It is all of the above and more! "More!?!" you say. "Shar, you so crazy!"

Indeed I am. Still, crazy or not, Andy Pressman and I are destined to be together. Consider the following items:

He likes comics. I like comics.

He likes good music. I like good music.

He started journaling in 1998. I started journaling in 1998.

He's 22. I'm 22.

He likes bellies. I have a belly.

He has sideburns. I have sideburns. (oh wait...)

See? We're meant to be! Now if he'd only get rid of that restraining order...

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Go Art School studs! C.U. quite impressed - Andy much be quite a smart and talanted cookie, worthy of the Samaritan Stud title I should think...

shar? I forgot you worked here :)

Oh, Micheal needs to work some cookie magic here - you know, so the comments remember your name and url.

by Charles at September 8, 2001 1:04 AM

but who doesn't like bellies and lying in a puddle of glue?

by andrew p at September 8, 2001 11:24 AM

I've known Andy Pressman for many years, and let me tell you -- "stud" doesn't begin to describe him. Even as a young boy, he stood out from others: a pre-pubescent artiste, raconteur, and lover of pan fried noodles. He has achieved his current heights (depths?) of self-expression in the face of daunting obstacles. When he was a mere infant, his mother tried to abandon him in the produce section of the local Giant supermarket, only to have her plans foiled when a stubborn produce manager insisted on returning him. When Andy was only six, his grandparents similarly attempted to abandon the boy at Disney World. (Did these early experiences inspire his later experiments in glue -- embodying a desperate hope that others would "stick" with him?) The approach of adolescence found Andy frequently locked in a closet by his father, who was determined to channel the lad's gifts not to art but to the rabbinate. (Potok's "My Name is Asher Lev" is actually a thinly disguised portrayal of Andy's early life.) His teenage years were punctuated by tortured efforts at rebellion, efforts best left undescribed. (The court sealed the files on his juvenile record.) But finally Andy broke free of his father's petty tyranny (while taking care to remain on the parental dole), and set out for New York. The rest is history -- and the creative future of design.

by Eliezer Herschel at November 22, 2001 12:40 PM

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