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if i don't post this, they'll take away my weblog license

by mg at 11:04 AM on September 10, 2001

The webring I started, ameriBLOGS, has finally topped twenty members. Check out the list of ring members, visit their sites, and tell them all how groovy you think they are.

And if you happen to be a weblogger (or e/n or a/c person), and you reside within the United States, you should join the ring.

Why a ring for American webloggers you might ask? Well, Australians webloggers have their own ring. So do Great Britain, Canada, and Iím sure a whole slew of other countries that don't even speak English. So, to the world the United States is like some sort of hidden gem amongst all those other countries. In my opinion, there are not enough people who know about us in the U.S., but they should. It is kind like that beach in the movie The Beach, only, America would be a much better place if more people knew about us, came here, hunted sharks and smoked pot. Donít you think so too?

So, do your part by joining the ring and sharing with the world the little known features of American society, like our food (hmm, McDonalds french fries), entertainment (the world deserves to know about Rat Race), fashion (blue jeans and t-shirts are just too comfortable to keep to ourselvesguns don't kill people, people kill people).

In other news, Iíve added a couple new sites to the ďfriendsĒ list. Visiting Project Monkey will probably save you hours a day by saving you the hard work of surfing the net; Iím saying they got links. I really like the typography at Chunshek. And Fredo Today is just Fredolicious.

Iíve gotten rather lazy, I donít check my refers as often as I used to, and I donít really ďsurfĒ the net anymore so much as let the net come to me. So, if you would like to be added to the friends list, the easiest way would be to link me up, and then let me know you linked me up. Iíll take a look, and if I like what I see, we become all friendly and junk. If I donít, I hunt you down and eat your gall bladder.

Actually, if you send me an email by the end of the week, I will plug your site, even if I donít like it. So, send me an email and get some free hits.

Iíve also updated the authors page. Actually, I created one from scratch. You can go there to learn all about your favorite Samaritans and find out the best ways to stalk them.

Speaking of authors; while I am not currently in the midst of a full out open casting call, if you are interested in joining the Bad Samaritan team, you should let me know, because Iím always interested in trying someone out, especially if they want to buy me something.

And, just to make this the single most link filled post Iíve written in months, Iíd just like to mention that I just played the Weblogger Twin game. I think I must have won because my twin is Meg and Iíve always liked the name Meg.

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Huh. Have I always been in the ring twice?

by space at September 10, 2001 4:04 PM

Pristine smoozing: Ahh Mg how sweet! So this means you really will let me keep my gallbladder thingy? (I would at best let you have one lung or one kidney...) :-)

by Pristine at September 10, 2001 11:55 PM

Igi je najbolji jebac na celem svetu
jebi me igi

by Pusacica Kurca at May 5, 2004 6:39 AM

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