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how long can a mountain exist before it's washed to the sea?

by mg at 11:12 AM on September 13, 2001

Ugh. I logged on this morning with something to say, but got too distracted after reading that article (below).

I woke up to the smell of something burning. I jumped out of bed and looked around, making a quick survey of my apartment. Nothing was on fire. And then it dawned on me that what I smelled wasnít something burning, but something burnt.

I began to remember the news reports from last night. I remembered how worried rescuers were about a change in the winds. The wind was now blowing from the southwest and could cause more buildings to collapse during the day.

But for me, living to the north and east of the wreckage that is now lower Manhattan, it means that I now have tangible evidence of the carnage. The ash and soot from the wreckage blows through my open windows, filling my lungs with the proof.

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The smoke and particulate matter from the collapses is just now *finally* beginning to dissipate - it was about three times worse than it is right now yesterday at this time.

by kd at September 13, 2001 1:00 PM

i can smell it 40 miles away, and i see the dark haze next to the horizon from the smoke. it is something i have never smelled before. it is the preamble to war.

by bobthecorgi at September 13, 2001 2:31 PM

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